This page contains real content and photos of our admired and proud customers with their results using Monat Products. Most of these testimonies will say exactly which products they use and how long they have used them for. This is why I tell everyone they have to give Monat a chance, even though your hair may go through a not very fun detox stage, the end result is usually worth it! Here’s why, the products speak for themselves!

Desarae Santos Marhofer Monat-Hair testimonies

Janruary 31, near Pueblo CO


A little over two months ago I was struggling with severe post-partum hair loss. You can see all the breakage I was experiencing! My hair has never been super long or healthy. I am a Licensed Esthetician, so I have had access to all of the professional hair products imaginable and literally have tried them all. I finally got to a point where I was so frustrated because nothing was helping. Then I found Monat!! In just 9 short weeks I have 3 inches of hair growth & so much more texture, thickness, volume and shine. I will be forever grateful for this magic Shampoo! 💜

* I’m using renew shampoo, revitalize conditioner,(ever other day) and Intense Repair Treatment (once a week) along with 2-3 drops of Rejuvenique oil daily, and replenish masque (once a week) and the supplements daily(when I remember).

Feel free to share! 😀

Tara Brown‎-Monat Hair testimonies

November 1, 2017

Monat Review
Monat Review

So, since I get messages almost on a weekly basis on updates on my daughter’s hair, I thought I’d do a quick 1 year update  It’s been 1 year since we decided to give Monat a try after 2 years of dealing with Alopecia Universalis. I still can’t believe shampoo can do this!! She used the Classic Confidence and we made sure to use the IRT spray 2x daily all over including eyebrows. Added the Rejuveniqe a few times a week on her scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes as well. She has so much hair now, she is using the Volume System and the root lifter and blow out cream to give her bob some thickness  She also takes the S3 supplements daily but didn’t start those until about 6 months ago. We are so pleased to see this kind of difference!!

Yes, please share and get the word out how amazing these products are especially for someone like her. No child should have to be prescribed Methotrexate for hair loss… which is what she had taken for several months.

Michelle Bray Wolf

January 4, 2017

15894489_10154328898317810_4596400912883617992_n (1)

Look how thick my hair has become over 16 months! I have used all the systems but mostly the Volume System with Rejuveniqe Oil treatments.


Lola Paige Switzer

September 13, 2018 Restructuring Collection

41680160_10215892418119606_6138250286008893440_nMonat Review

My results from the new Restructuring System! I’m blown away!


Karen Sharp – Monat Hair Testimonies

November 23, 2017

I used the IRT system as I had chemo. I now use Revive shampoo, Revitalize conditioner and Moxie mousse. I cut my hair a few times over the summer as I was enjoying the short look. I decided to start growing it in Sept. Before I lost my hair, I was product-dependent. I used mousse, root lifter, taffy and tons of hair spray. Now I use the Mousse, style, and go. It looks great all day!!!


Isabel Inguez

July 21, 2017 Hydration System20156099_1499121000147460_6375383209279802657_n

Thank you all for who are on this page for letting me share your incredible photos. And for all the readers please keep in mind that Monat does not make any medical claims, so even though many customers share that Rejuveniqe or Monat shampoos helped them with types of Alopecia or psoriasis or eczema-doesn’t mean that Monat claims to do so, although it may be worth the try & there’s always free sampling for that! So ask for samples before investing if you wish!

Also the biggest issue I’ve seen people have with Monat is choosing the wrong product for themselves. Surely many people want quicker hair growth or to stop hair thinning and so they go straight to purchasing the Classic Confidence or the IRT system, which may help, just your hair and scalp at first need to be healthy and hydrated before you try using strong products on yourself. It’s sort of like trying to get your teeth whitened before you get rid of the cavities. It is crucial to treat your scalp and hair with hydrating shampoos like the hydration system or volume system or just Rejuvenique oil in particular. The best option may be to alternate between a hydrating shampoo and one from the IRT system or Classic Confidence system.

If you are not sure where to begin contact me or your local market partner for guidence!

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