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More than 5 ways to earn $$$ with Monat

You will not find a better compensation plan than Monat. I say this because you get paid weekly and you can earn an unlimited amount of bonuses paid out each month-very easily if you commit to it. I will attach the compensation plan to this post that you can download to better follow what I will be talking about below. (Look for it at the bottom of this post)

But if you haven’t heard about Monat, this is a new hair product line that was launched October 1st, 2014. This isn’t just any hair care line, this product line is set apart from all the high-end salon professional products you have heard of or used. I say this because I haven’t seen such results with any shampoos before and I am witness to many other customers of this product line. Of course this is just a strong opinion but here are some facts, and don’t hesitate to look up results with Monat on any search engine. Monat is a natural botanical hair product line with oils collected from all over the Earth that mimic our bodies natural hair oils-essential for the maintenance of healthy youthful hair. The products are highly concentrated diluted with only 20% water compared to 40-60% in other products, well first of all they bring result. And did you know that most of the products you are using have not been clinically tested or proven to promote hair growth and or stop hair loss? Monat are products that restore the damage the atmosphere/weather , chemicals and heat has done to your hair. These are reasons why I’m a distributor with Monat, because I can be completely honest about them and help other people achieve results they’ve been longing for.

5 ways to Earn with Monat

So there are five ways to earn with Monat, but if you are outside of the US and Canada you have the opportunity to join the profit sharing pool within the first year of the company launching in your country. Read below for more information! (Currently Monat is only available in the US and Canada, but launching in 7 more countries in the next three years!)

  1. Regular personal Retail Sales-commission (30-35%) Keep in mind the high end prices of our products
  2. Sign up VIP members- customers that buy from you every 60 days earn 15% commission. This gives you some stability in your income
  3. Advancement Bonuses-rank to a higher title with a growing commission rate by signing up Market Partners to join your team. If this market partner purchases a product pack you receive an advancement bonus of 150$ to 500$+depending on how many market partners you sign up, and if they remain active you rank every month because the rank does reset every month, with them remaining active it will help you quickly rank up again the next month. The ranking starts from Market Partner to Associate Market Partner, to Lead Market Partner, Managing Market Partner, Associate Market Builder, and so on until Founder and Senior Executive Director. With each rank you receive a bonus and your commission rate grows and more commissions added on by uni-levels.
  4. Uni-level Bonuses-when your first level market partners sign up other market partner this adds you a level two three and so on uni-level bonuses, commissions you make based on your MP’s sales and activity, building an unlimited down-line of more commission for you.
  5. Builder Bonuses-this bonus amount is dependent on matching activity for 2 consecutive months. First is the Silver Bonus called the 3+1. If you enroll 3 VIP customers and 1 Market Partner with a Product pack for two consecutive months you earn a bonus of 150$, if you double this you earn 300$ bonus on top of all your other commissions, and so on.

What have you got to lose? Join Monat

There is no stopping me bragging about this opportunity with Monat. You can turn Monat into your life long career and live off just this income if that is what you want. What do you have to lose?!! If you’re not willing to invest some kind of starting fee then you are not willing to be your own boss. Monat will take you else where, you can work from where ever and when ever you want and for how ever long you want to. You are your own boss, no one is pushing you to work 8 hours a day, you make your own schedule, work in your pg.’s, sip on your coffee if thats what you’d like. One day you will look at your business and see what your hands have built and you will be proud. I can not express how blessed I am staying at home with my two boys and only being 24 years old yet very successful with my business, I would have never thought I’d get this far. So join me.  I will invest my time and work in you. Come with me to the next trip to Vegas or Panama City Beach Florida this fall, it will be special with amazing training by our Founders and Presidents of Monat Global, all you have to do is work for it and earn it and your trip will be paid for by Monat. Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity. Monat is going world wide, in 7 more countries in the next three years….So much potential to grow your business even outside the US and Canada! Hop on board and I will help you!

Profit Sharing Pool

Unfortunately profit sharing is no longer available to qualify for in the US and Canada, but if you are outside of these countries please may I get your full attention here! As soon as Monat launches in your country, you have a year to rank up to Market Mentor/Founder to join the Founders Club Pool where you will get profit sharing every quarter. This is the huge opportunity you can’t miss out on, and should put all your effort into reaching. Believe it or not, it is not that hard to achieve this. All you need is to have 4 active lines, active market partners two of which have to be ranked as Managing Market Builders, and have $7,000 group volume in sales from your first level of market partners combined with  yours, and a total of 30,000$ in sales with your whole down-line or market partners, including your level 1 market partners level 2 the MPS’ your market partners signed up and so on to how ever many levels you got. I know this sounds crazy and impossible to achieve, but guess what I achieved more than 25,000$ in personal sales alone, with my group volume even more. So when you combine your groups volume and all of your down-line it is completely possible to achieve that! SO strive high, we are talking about a multi-million dollar company here!

Join Monat with Me, Sign up Here

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