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Saving Top Dollar with Monat

One of the first things you want to know when you find good products is their cost. Sometimes looking at the prices your first time you simply get turned off, and start looking else where when the products are out of your price range. Not all companies offer discounts or memberships that can save you money. Monat Hair Care Products are on the high end when it comes to pricing, so in this post I will share with you how I get the biggest discount available and all the possible benefits by having a flex ship set up and signed up as a market partner! Don’t get turned off by the phrase flex ship, it is certainly NOT an auto ship that ships every month, you get full control of what  how much and how often you want products with great discount shipped to you for free.


Monat price

NO obligations for Monat Individual Market Partners

The very first question I will answer right away before you even think it, is do you have to sell Monat if you sign up? Are there any obligations to becoming a market partner to get the 30% discount? No, you do NOT have to promote Monat if you desire not to so there certainly aren’t any obligations to where you have to make a certain amount of sales in a certain period of time. You also never have to purchase again if you don’t want to as a market partner unless you have set up a flex ship (3 orders of 84$ in one year or 69$ as a MP).

By signing up as an individual Market Partner you will get the biggest discount of 30-35% off plus access to all flash sales available only to VIP members and market partners of Monat. (Just a heads up these flash sales usually happen on the weekend lasting just three days) So how much will you pay for a regular system that cost 99$+shipping & handling as a market partner? 69$ would be the Monat Pricing for market partners, you can also make your own system using the Mix and Match promo, totaling 118$retail value and get even a greater discount.

This is not all folks, the first 30 days of signing up you can take advantage of our larger product packs that are discounted by up to 50% of Monat products. Don’t get me wrong, the 100$ signing up fee is waived and the starter kit for your business is included in these packages along with the huge selection of products. The greater the package the greater the discount. You have five select packages to chose from (US) (CAD) & (UK). I will talk more about what that includes later in this post.Let’s get back to the next step to of getting the biggest discount with Monat on all your purchases as a loyal customer!

Setting up Flex ship with Monat

Your next step is to log into your back office and set up a flex ship for free. If you are not a market partner the VIP membership would normally cost 20$, but since you already would be a market partner, setting up the flex ship is free for you.  You will be a VIP member and Market Partner at the same time getting all the benefits possible to get with Monat and get the best pricing for your Monat products.

So what difference will it make for you to sign up for flex ship as well? You will get free shipping on every order of 69$ or more, this will save you about 10-15$ if not more depending how much product you order and where you live, your products ship from Miami, Florida if you are in the US, we also have a lab in Canada and most recent launch in the United Kingdom. You will also receive an exclusive gift, a product worth 25$ free in every qualified order. Now if you are only a VIP you will have the opportunity to share with a friend, get them to sign up as a VIP under your referral link, and you will receive a 20$ credit towards your next flex-ship order. Pretty cool right? This is only for VIPs, does not apply if you are a market partner. As a VIP member you also get a birthday gift!

All You Can Get-Benefits & Discounts with Monat

  1. You get the biggest discount possible 30-35%
  2. Benefit of FREE SHIPPING of every order of 69$ or more
  3. A free exclusive Only For You gift by Monat (worth 25$ value) in every package
  4. Setting up flex ship for Market Partners is free, you do NOT have to pay 20$
  5. Access to all flash sales and deals going on with Monat
  6. Smart Start Bonus-income builder
  7. Commission 30-35%
  8. Market Partner Promotions-Rank Bonuses, Uni-level Bonuses, Block Bonuses
  9. VIP commission 15%-from  your loyal  customers 3 times a year or MORE!
  10. Your very own already built eCommerce store/website for easy ordering
  11. No need of inventory, Monat ships directly
  12. Access to Monat Gear Store
  13. Back office full of helpful training material for your business, your customers and your team
  14. Starter Kit with lots of Samples Brochures and business material
  15. Market Partner Academy
  16. Nice hair, great products great pay!
  17. Pride of sharing and joy of helping others with hair and financial part of life!
How does the flex ship work?

To keep up your Flex ship set up, you are required to purchase 3 times in one year 69$ worth as a MP or 84$ as a VIP. The flex ship is a lot easier to control then you think. During enrollment you will be asked to make your first qualified purchase (meaning 69$ or more) that you will pay for right away upon enrollment. After they will ask you to set up your next flex ship order before you’re done ( this order has to be 30 to 60 days after your first flex-ship). You will not have to pay for you second order until the day of the flex ship you chose. Later you can set up your last required flex ship order in your back office another 30 to 60 days after your second. On time of enrollment you will only get charged for your first order. You must set up your second flex ship during enrollment to ensure you will be a loyal customer and to receive your free gift in each package (worth 25$). Now if you would want to cancel before your three orders, there is a cancellation fee of 20-25$.

So don’t wait much longer and sign up to get all full advantages and biggest discounts for yourself. You will not be the only one signing up as a market partner just for the discounts and getting flex ship to get that free shipping and free gift in every package–overall saving 30-50$ plus the gift! And also how hard can it be, selling Monat? If you ask me, Monat sells itself, I literally have people coming to me daily asking for samples or what products I’m using because my hair looks so great, never better, and Bam! I just made a sale with Monat. You may not seek to make money on the side or make Monat your #1 job, but if someone comes to you asking, give them your store link and that’s it! That way you can earn pay for your own Monat products! Read some of my other posts like 6 ways to earn with Monat, if you are interested to learn about the comp plan and more.

Enjoy the membership, get the best pricing and see the products change your hair!

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