Color Resisting Shampoo & What to Avoid

Let me tell you, have I used some harsh harsh shampoos on my colored hair to experience the quickest color fade ever! How I hate that!! I have to pay at least 75$ to $95 to color my super thick hair and I don’t even go to the greatest salons in town everyone talks about. And then I screw up using a terrible shampoo and wash my color out! Threw away 75$ for NOTHING! Feels great right?!

So I wanted to share that after using Monat for over a year now, I just now realized how SAFE Monat shampoos really are for color treated hair. 

I usually use semi-permanent color which promises to stay up to 3 months. With Monat my color stays those three months even longer.

How do I know this? Well I never noticed a change in my hair color until I used something other than Monat.

I recently ran out of my Monat shampoo, and ended up having to use Pantene Repair and Protect shampoo that I had laying around at home. I just dyed my hair probably two weeks before that, so I washed my hair with Pantene to find my hair an ugly brass color just after one wash. Seriously?!!I was SHOCKED! I just colored my hair to a  beautiful dark brown color and now my hair is the color of brass!!!

So..what chemical strips color from your hair? & this doesn’t just go for color treated hair but even your natural hair color WILL GET STRIPPED WITH THIS ELEMENT.

SULFATE!!! Sulfate is what strips you of your color. Avoid this element! Avoid it in your shampoos, in your conditioners, oils, serums, mouses, hair sprays..! I think you got the point but by all means avoid Sulfate in your hair at all times. Here’s why:

Just take some baking soda and scrub something that you were never able to get clean before with just water or regular soap. For instance around your sink whole in the bathroom or bathtub or the grout between your tile floors or just a cup you drank tea from and left tea’line marks on the cups. & see what happens! (using baking soda)

Baking soda is a salt/sulfate and it will clean all that greatly and easily. But how? It strips or scrubs off the top layer of whatever you are cleaning! Why do you think baking soda is added to your daily toothpaste? Because it is powerful to clean rough surfaces! But does your soft gentle hair need something this powerful to wash your hair?

Your hair does not need sulfate, while it may be a powerful ingredient in your dental products. Instead of using harsh salt and sulfate shampoos look for something that does not contain it. For instant Monat Shampoos, you have 3 that you can chose from. The Revive, Renew or the Men’s shampoo.

You will find that using more natural shampoos, or shampoos like Monat that do NOT contain sulfate may be harder to wash out of your hair, but remember again why that is. Because it does not contain sulfate that acts to (harshly and easily) strip your hair of what they say is “build up” of other products, but truly it strips your hair of the natural oils & color molecules that you DO need; leaving your hair SQUEEKY CLEAN (clean meaning free of the natural essential oils you did need in your hair to stay soft and nourished and keep its color) Trust me on this.

This is also why sulfate free shampoos advise you to wash your hair twice. First to get rid of build up and second to actually cleanse and nourish your hair, while cheap shampoos or sulfate shampoos claim to condition and cleanse your hair all in one wash. And guess what THEY REALLY DO but that is NOT what you want. They wash your hair out completely with one wash with that power of sulfate!! That is just any easy way for brands to sell themselves and make even more money off you once you finally realize how harshly you have been treating your hair with their products, seeking more safer and more expensive products in the end. Same goes with the harsh fragrances the put into your shampoos leaving your hair smell amazing when it all together is damaging your hair.

Cheap and quick may be the easiest way out, but you may be calling your hair dead and dry even quicker!

I have shared this in a few of my other posts but I can not get over how great Monat has been for my hair. This is what Monat does NOT contain! & you should probably invest into something like it!



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Knee High Boots


I was about to throw away a pair of my suede knee high boots I got like 3 years ago because I felt like I was the only one wearing such tall boots (last year} until SUEDE KNEE HIGH BOOTS is all I see now everywhere I go!

Yayy!!! They are trendy now!!! I loved these boots anyway, it would have sucked to throw something I loved away just because no one else was wearing them! Of course when something goes into trend, prices may not be so umm..modest!!

So I was checking out Amazon for some and look what I find:
Majority of these boots offer the colors of rainbow-whatever you want! Click to see better and closer pics.


DREAM PAIRS LEGGY Women’s Fashion Casual Pull On Slouchy Over The Knee High Boots Grey Size 9

Come in the colors: Black, Wine, Khaki, Blue, Brown & Grey

DREAM PAIRS COLBY Women’s Fashion Casual Over The Knee Pull On Slouchy High Boots Brown Size 9

Qupid Relax-01XX Vegan Leatherette Double Buckle Two Tone Stacked Heel Knee High Boot BLACK TAN PU (10)

Forever Camila-48 Womens Chunky Heel Lace Up Over The Knee High Riding Boots,Black,8.5

Penny Loves Kenny Women’s Dean Boot,Black,8 M US

Cape Robbin Artena-By-1 Women’s 6-Layers Fringe Stiletto Knee High Boots,Black,7.5

Nature Breeze Highpoint-01 Vegan Almond Toe Fringe Knee High Boots Pumps TAN (10)

Cape Robbin Women’s Bianca-BK-1 Tassel Riding Boot (9 B(M) US, Black)

Breckelles Women’s ALABAMA-12 Above the Knee Lace Up Combat Boots Black 8.5 B(M)

Sell Monat

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJQAAAAJGU1MmUyOTEyLTg3NjctNDQzNi1iYzRjLTQyYTZiOGI4ZGE0ZQIf you’re a salon owner or hair dresser, why not sell Monat hair products at your store? or to your daily clients? Unless Corporate is who decides what you sell at your store, what else would be holding you back? Have you tried Monat yourself? If not, you’re missing out, comment below for free samples & I will get them for you =)

But Hear this out:

Did you know that Monat products were made in the US and they were tested on humans? Or that Monat does not contain harmful sulfates, no PEG that could be linked to chronic disorders, or no Ethanol that can dry your hair out causing damage and frizz? These are all ingredients that most of your regular and even professional products contain in them. Well Monat is a direct and social marketing company that offers a natural product line containing products from an Oil Mask to Shampoo and conditioner, to sculpting taffy and hair spray, there is much much more- all of which are made up of 11+ natural oils collected from all over the earth  (Brazil, Africa, India, America etc.)

Instead of giving you my own review on Monat products, read what salons and hair stylists are saying about Monat products. These people are professionals that have been in the hair industry for years.

What Salons and Hair Stylists are saying about Monat’s Anti-Aging Hair Care Products

“After 22 years in the beauty industry, I have finally found the HOLY GRAIL of hair products, Monat” I love it. My clients love it. I have been absolutely amazed by the moisture and health it restores to the hair and I can’t believe the hair growth some of my clients are getting. Finally a products line that gets sustainable healthy hair naturally AND a real opportunity to make money when I’m not behind the chair juggling brushes, blowers and irons!”

                                                                   -Aimee, Stylist & Make up Artist-Maine

“Monat has blessed my salon business and clients tremendously! Aside from an increase in product sales, bonuses for sharing with other hairdressers, (which we all do anyway) a product line that can solve every single hair/skin problem  my clients have ever complained about, and contributing to the naturally based mindset  of my salon and clientele, the best thing Monat has done for me is to change the lives of my clients with severe hair concerns. There’s nothing like having a client crying tears of join in my chair over what Monat has done for them. My salon is called B joy Hair Studio, and Mont is contributing truth to that title. I am so excited to be able to offer THE best hair and skin care products to my clients and love love love that I can help them earn a paycheck for sharing Monat with their friends!”

                                                            Briela Joy, Salon Owner & Hairdresser Texas

“I have been working in the Hair Industry for 37 years and I’ve never sold a lot of retail till i started using Monat on my clients. About 80% of them are using it. I’ve had several clients text me the next day telling me they love the products I used on them. I didn’t mention the product to one client and she texted asking me what I used on her hair and then bought it. I’ve been her stylist for years and she has never bought retail. Monat is helping my client’s hair grow longer and stronger!”

                                                                                  -Susan, Hairdresser-Tennessee

“I am amazed with everything about Monat. I love the fact that there is a line that can help all hair types! I cannot believe the results that my clients are getting from this awesome product.  I am so thankful after 22 years in the hair industry to finally be able to offer a product that gives such amazing results. Thank you Monat for this opportunity. It’s life changing!”

                                                                                 -Chris, Cosmetologist-Kansas

“My fined hair clients cannot believe the volume they get and it stays for a few days. Clients cannot believe what it does for them in one shampoo. Love giving my clients the best products available. Thank you Monat!”

                                                                                    -Jill, Salon Owner-Michigan

“Monat is amazing. After just one use my clients leave with their hair feeling and looking better than it has in years! I’m so excited to be able to help my clients love their hair again! Thank you Monat for giving me a product that everyone loves!

                                                                                  -Stacy, Salon Owner-Kansas

“In my 15 years of being a hair stylist, I have NEVER seen any product do what Monat does! I’ve always given new products that come out a chance to see if they could do what they say. Nothing ever satisfied me. Until I was introduced to Monat! The results that I am seeing on my clients are indescribable. Clients and friends are gaining their confidence back because of Monat. And the best part of being with a company that has the best products is that you get to see lives changing and people dreaming bigger than they ever have before.”

                                                                                -Kyla, Hairdresser-Oklahoma


What we all find most amazing about Monat products is the harmful ingredients it does NOT contain.


Monat Compensation Plan

Market partners earn a base of 30-35% commission on Retail Sales

15% commission on VIP customer orders

& Sales and Bonuses up to an additional 10% of all sales of the month

You get paid on a weekly basis (includes retail sales, VIP customer sales and the Fast Start Bonuses)

All other commissions and bonuses are paid at a month close

Earn Bonuses

3 + 1 Bonus-Enroll 3 VIP customers and 1 New Market Partner in 30 days and earn a $150 bonus check on top of your regular retail commissions pay check

3 + 3 Bonus– Enroll 3 VIP members and 3 new Market partners for 2 consecutive months and earn $350 bonus check

When you teach your market partners to do the same you are able to receive the Silver Level 1 and Level 2 bonus, doubles your 3+1 and 3+3 bonus

Rank up in your business & see your income grow

Market Partner, Associate Market Partner, Lead Market Partner, Managing Market Partner, Associate Market Builder, Market Builder, Managing Market Builder.

Every time you rank a level higher, not only do you get a 150$-200$ bonus for doing just that, but your commission value grows and then you start making a commission on every level of your down-line (in other you sign up one MP and he signs up another and that one signs up another). You make commission 4 levels down-line on every MP you sign up.

What do you have to get to go from the first level of the Market partner to the highest level of Managing Market Builder? A regular Market partner has 0 market partners signed up and makes 0$ commission from his down-line (but makes $$ from retail and VIP sales), but a Managing Market Builder has only 4 active market partners signed up and earns not only retail sales commission and VIP commission but a whole 12% commission of his first level of down-line sales. The more levels your down-line gets the more commissions you start earning. See here what I am talking about. It is a complete chart of Monat’s Compensatio2017

You will need 100$ to sign up to become a Monat Market Partner

JOIN Monat

Step 1) purchase 100$ Starter Kit, that includes EVERYTHING you need to start



  • Training materials
    1. Getting started guide with FAQs
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    2. Opportunity Brochures to help you share the incredible business with others
    3. “MONAT Moments” magazine, featuring news, science behind our products, business tips, and so much more.
  • Product Samples
    1. REJUVENIQE Oil IntensiveTM
    2. Individual, Multi-product Samples
  • Product Catalog with detailed information about individual MONAT products and Treatment Systems

Step 2) It is OPTIONAL to purchase the Monat Product pack (recommended though because only in the first month of joining you receive a 60% discount for the entire product line & because the products are truly amazing and you will be speaking from your own experience)

Step 3) Last enter your personal information, submit and receive in the mail your Starter Kit, with your own e-commerce store that you will be able to set up after signing up, and even your own business cards, and all the materials that you need to get started. You will have a couple options then. First to sign up for MSD, stands for Monat Special Delivery, and to sign up for the premium membership, which I myself don’t have and doing great without it but it will give you a ton more material to work with for your business. Those are options you can chose but don’t have to.

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visit my online store here>> MyMonat

My Sponsor ID is :1269 if you will like to place an order on Monat Global website

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I hope that was helpful, motivational, and convincing!

Thank you!

Lana Inzhirov

Hey Market Partners of Monat

This month is an awesome month for us Market partners Of the Monat Family.

November is the month of “Giving”

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Men’s Hair Product-Monat Intense Repair Treatment

Inspired by Lana

For Him


These two products may be purchased as a package for a lesser value of $99 or sign up as VIP customer and get it for $84 and free shipping

Monat 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner


VIP Customer $32 + free shipping

This first product 2-in-1 shampoo conditioner will make you love your hair like never before. With not only the amazing minty fresh scent, but the awesome shine and volume that this 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner adds, as well as how easily you will be able to style and manage your hair after using these products. If you have thin hair, you will see the improvement very quickly in hair growth and strength. This product is made for thinning hair. It is so powerful because of the ingredients this product contains. All of which are NATURAL OILS and no harmful sulfates. The Shampoo Conditioner cleanses and conditions while maintaining the essential moisture and balance for youthful, strong and healthy…

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Different Uses of Rejuveniqe Oil (video)


It still surprises me how many different uses there are for Rejuveniqe oil. Whatch this video and find out how great it works for not only hair but skin, for youthfulness, for hair styling, for make up, for nail cuticles and more. & also learn about where these different oils originate from and what role each plays!

eng (1)

Purchase Here >>

Monat Valentines


Still haven’t found your loved one the perfect Valentines day Gift? Ever thought hair products would be a good choice?

Men…, women REALLY care about their hair!!! That is probably more than half of our beauty for us. To have beautiful, thick, healthy, shiny hair is like a million bucks for us!

You may not think a gift like this is romantic enough, but when your woman/girl experiences the work of Monat Hair products, she will love you, and probably ask for more.

valentines day packagedeals

SO, there are 2 different systems you can get for a woman. The Balance system and the Volume System. Both of which at a 99$ value with three products in each, saving more than $20 buying products separately.

The Balance System is designed to work together for Brilliance, Strength and Vitality. The Renew Shampoo is a salt and sulfate-free gentle hydrating cleanser. The Restore Leave-In Conditioner is designed to revive each strand and restore lost essential nutrients to the scalp. And the Replenish masque, a woman’s best friend, is a masque treatment that reduces frizz and split ends by infusing vital nutrients. (This is my favorite Package)

balance systemValentines

How it works

  • Delivers maximum moisture, balance, and shine
  • Boosts natural hydration without weighing hair down
  • Leaves hair clean, soft and manageable
  • Helps Prevent hair loss while stimulating growth

Purchase Here>>

The Volume System is designed to work together to increase hair density, strength, and manageability. The Revive Shampoo is a gentle volumizing that gives hair a touchably soft and youthful look. The Revitalize Conditioner delivers weightless moisture and vital nutrients to help plump and energize hair from roots to ends. And the Reshape Root Lifter is an alcohol-free root amplifying spray that enhances lift at the roots and provides protection against damage caused by heat styling.

volume Syst. Valentines

How it works

  • Delivers body and bounce with light-weight conditioning
  • Will never weigh hair down
  • Plumps and energizes from roots to ends
  • Helps prevent hair loss while stimulating growth

Purchase Here>>

Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive is Monat’s signature product, the back bone of all Monat Hair Products. Read more here>>

Men’s Product Line Read recent post about Men’s Line here>>

Whatch Video of Monat Hair Products here>>

P.S :Sign up as VIP at the bottom of Purchase link page, & get 15% off your purchase and free shipping!