Monat Weekend Sale

There’s no need for much explanation, you can get these three products plus hair accessories or a scarf for only 70$ VIP or 57$ as a market partner and the shipping is free! If you are not yet a VIP, you pay 20$ for the membership and receive free shipping,¬† 15% off each purchase andContinue reading “Monat Weekend Sale”

Monat Skin Care

Monat Skin Care!? Wow, it’s here and it is super exciting I think for all of us. Even for those who are normally not a skin care routine person like myself. Let me explain why I am excited. I love what Monat stands for; Modern nature. Like CEO of Monat Rayner Urdaneta said at MonationsContinue reading “Monat Skin Care”

Black Friday Monat 2018

Black Friday is here y’all!!! Happy Thanksgiving darlings! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanks giving! This is exciting, always the biggest sale of the year and this is sale is for all VIP and market Partners. New VIP members and new Market Partners can get this deal ! If you’re not already its theContinue reading “Black Friday Monat 2018”

Monat Advice and Real people Hair Testimonies

Monat Testimonies of Real People I believe I owe it to all of you to share more amazing testimonies of real people and their journeys with Monat to heal or nourish their hair. You may be in a place where you don’t know what products to use or you have been using a Monat systemContinue reading “Monat Advice and Real people Hair Testimonies”

Review on Monat Effortless Style System-Deep Smoothing Hair Products

In the past year Monat has added quiet a bit of new products to the line and that has been good news all along for me because I feel that Monat has become more and more effective, targeting my biggest issues with my hair. Its hard to keep up with what products may be theContinue reading “Review on Monat Effortless Style System-Deep Smoothing Hair Products”

3 Day Duo Sale-Monat Curl Cream & Diffuser Free

If you are currently out of your Monat shampoo or getting close to en empty bottle, now is the time to order. Starting March 26 today till March 28, buy any of our Duo Sets and get an awesome Curl Cream and Diffuser free! But thats not all, free shipping as well!!! New VIP’s canContinue reading “3 Day Duo Sale-Monat Curl Cream & Diffuser Free”

Get A Monat system for only 26$

One day extended flash sale ends tonight before midnight. Buy one system at regular price, VIP price or Market partner price and get any system for only 26$ Directions to get the deal, go to shop, add any system of regular price to your cart then click Promotions and add the 26$ system to yourContinue reading “Get A Monat system for only 26$”

Monat Christmas Flash Sale

SHOP HERE AS VIP SHOP HERE AS MARKET PARTNER Hurry to catch the Christmas Monat Flash Sale (ends this sunday midnight) get your Monat Christmas gift ready for a loved one or treat yourself! Buy a system as a VIP or Market Partner this weekend and get an awesome value bag for only 20$ (26CAD)Continue reading “Monat Christmas Flash Sale”