Yayaa! Another MONAT FLASH SALE! This weekend ONLY!

Celebrate with MONAT Flash Sale! ūüí• Every Market Partner and VIP Customer can receive a special Anniversary Gift with purchase! Receive a FREE Men‚Äôs 2-in-1 Shampoo+Conditioner with any purchase of $99 (U.S.) or $129 (CA) retail value! But you have to HURRY!! Offer ends this Sunday, October 25, at 11:59 EDT. ‚Ä™#‚ÄéMONATanniversary‚Ĩ Details¬†how to catch […]

Sampling Monat the Right way

Before Sampling Monat-there are a few things I would like you¬†to consider… 1.Before you ask a distributor for samples, consider the price you have to pay for Monat products, and know that there is a way to save by signing up as VIP. 2.You have to know the proper and right way to use each […]

New Styling Products by Monat

Hey ¬†y’all, Monat has just came up with¬†¬†two new STYLING products. This is pretty exciting because they are the first two stylying products Monat has come up with. So not only can you treat your hair with Monat but also use the Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy and Refinish Control Hair Spray to Style your hair […]

Monat Flash Sale-this weekend ONLY

Hey America and Canada, There is a huge Monat Flash sale going right now. Its called a flash sale for a reason-going on only this weekend!! It is a great deal because Monat is not cheap to purchase at regular price! I admit it myself! & I¬†had to post this, because it doesn’t happen often, […]

Canada – new Direct Market Opportunity

Hey Canada!! Have you heard of Monat? ¬†It is the new and first¬†Direct Market opportunity for Natural Based – Age Preventing Hair Products! It is launching this September! which means PreLaunch is now! I am so excitedly speaking to you in BOLD font because Monat has something very special in store for you if you […]

Looking for a new Market Partner to Join My Monat Team

Hi there,   I am looking for a new Market Partner to join my awesome Team of Monat direct¬†Marketing business. I will give you my two best reasons for why you should join me 1) First because Monat has one of the highest commission rates in the Direct Market Department, 30-40% and¬†this is only one […]

101 Uses of Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive!!!

Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive by Monat This is unbelievable. I knew Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive¬†by Monat was a great product (I own it) but I did not know HOW great it¬†was till after I read this article!¬†Check it out for yourself in the article below!¬†It contains 101 ways of using This Rejuvenate Oil on hair, skin, body,scalp, […]

Monat Is not a Scam

I have found many people to search the web if Monat is a scam. So I wanted to make a post on this subject. Monat certainly is¬†not a scam, it is by far the best thing I’ve become a part of and I’ll tell you why. The reason why anyone would be afraid to join […]

Q”s and A’s about MONAT Hair Products

You have something you’d like to know about¬†¬†Monat Hair Products? I will love to answer any of ¬†your questions¬†whether its for the facts or for my honest opinion, as a Monat Product user myself. Please comment below =] Check out the products here>> Here are questions I get almost every day separated into several categories […]

8 Oils to Look for in Hair & Skin Products

If your hair and skin are thirsting for moisture and health,¬†then what you need is Oils that will mimic your scalps¬†essential oils for hair, that have been lost by UV damage, harsh product care, or just by the years of aging. So here it is. A list of oils that you may have not known […]