Our Journey


I have always had a passion for writing, if you ask me a question you’re probably in for a long surprise. For a long time I have been searching for ways to serve the Lord, serve others, while doing what I love as a job. I had a dream job in mind, but I wasn’t sure yet what that was going to be. God blessed me and let my passion become my full time job along with being a mama to two young boys 3 and 4 and a little 1 year old girl.  Here’s the story: Almost 6 years ago after I married my sweet husband, I was struggling with hair loss, I have had mild hair loss all the time, but this was only getting worse. Who else did I cry to about it than my own husband. At that time Val was looking for ways to make money from home because we knew we wanted to have kids soon and I wanted to be a stay at home mom to raise my kids and give them the full attention that they needed. While looking for solutions for my hair, my husband ran into a new hair product line that was only going to launch that October year 2014, with products that claimed to stop hair thinning and improve strength and vitality of your hair. It was like killing to birds with one stone. Without telling me he signed up and purchased 300$ worth of hair products as my first anniversary gift; to this day those products have changed my life, my hair, and gave me the opportunity to make my passion my dream job. Five years later and I still enjoy every moment of consulting in hair, sharing and helping others achieve the results I had been blessed with by Monat products. It is my duty to spread the word, that there ARE in fact products that can save your hair and share an incredible built for success company and stay at home job for both men and women. Many of our market partners have been known to retire at 24, retire from their hair salons, or retire their spouses super early. That was my goal, and now is achieved. Thanks to my husband and his leap of faith not only into the products but for signing us up as market partners of Monat. We truly are partners, husband and wife killing it and loving at sharing Monat. Building a team has been our greatest journey. A stay home mom? I think so, yes, I love It. This opportunity called “Monat” gave that to me! 21 going onto 27 this year & still going strong! Maybe you would like for me to share this opportunity with you. Get to know me and we can talk! Comment or email me & I will reach out!

Be blessed!

-xoxo Lana

Sponsor ID #1269



11 thoughts on “Our Journey

  1. Hi Lana,
    I would love to join the Monat team. I’ve been struggling with thinning hair for some time and feel very hopeful that Monat could help to strengthened my hair. Hope to hear from you soon!


    1. Are you looking to purchase Monat products?

      If so, below is my store link or you can just use my sponsor ID at Monat Global website.


      Sponsor ID 1269

      Monat does have a 30 day money back if you don’t like the products you get a full refund minus the postage. We also have a quick 5 question test you can take to help you pick the best products for your hair type and need. This is the link here http://monatglobal.com/find-your-personal-hair-solution/.

      I will attach some documents to this email about our VIP membership to save money and what to expect from the products within a 90 day period. Please check them out. If you will love Monat and want to keep using the products you will want to sign up for the VIP membership. You save 15% off each purchase of 99$ free shipping and a free exclusive only for you product in every qualified order! The shipments can be adjusted every 30 to 60 days. Saves you a ton and you”l get special VIP treatment, birthday gift and referring 3 friends to join as VIP’s gives you a whole system for free!

      Hope this helps!!


  2. Hi Lana!

    I am so happy for your successful journey with Monat. I have been reading about this product in various forums and I will be very excited to try them out myself. I am in Toronto and I am contemplating getting into this business, because I am so passionate about hair in general.

    Can you connect with me so that we can discuss more?



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  4. Hi.
    Please send me a link to join.
    Honestly, is very hard to join your team if I don’t contact you or maybe this is your strategy.
    Have a nice day ahead
    See yaa


    1. Hi George I would be delighted for you to join us! Our link is http://inzhirov.mymonat.com The Join Now tab is at the top of the page. Let me know if you have any questions or problems signing up. I will email you my contact info. There are many ways you can contact me through email, phone or any social media. Which ever works best for you. I can’t wait to get to know you and help you get started! Please be checking your email soon! Hope you have a pleasant day yourself! Thank you!


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