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  1. Hi Lana,
    I would love to join the Monat team. I’ve been struggling with thinning hair for some time and feel very hopeful that Monat could help to strengthened my hair. Hope to hear from you soon!


    1. Are you looking to purchase Monat products?

      If so, below is my store link or you can just use my sponsor ID at Monat Global website.


      Sponsor ID 1269

      Monat does have a 30 day money back if you don’t like the products you get a full refund minus the postage. We also have a quick 5 question test you can take to help you pick the best products for your hair type and need. This is the link here http://monatglobal.com/find-your-personal-hair-solution/.

      I will attach some documents to this email about our VIP membership to save money and what to expect from the products within a 90 day period. Please check them out. If you will love Monat and want to keep using the products you will want to sign up for the VIP membership. You save 15% off each purchase of 99$ free shipping and a free exclusive only for you product in every qualified order! The shipments can be adjusted every 30 to 60 days. Saves you a ton and you”l get special VIP treatment, birthday gift and referring 3 friends to join as VIP’s gives you a whole system for free!

      Hope this helps!!


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