Monat Weekend Sale

monat Sale

There’s no need for much explanation, you can get these three products plus hair accessories or a scarf for only 70$ VIP or 57$ as a market partner and the shipping is free! If you are not yet a VIP, you pay 20$ for the membership and receive free shipping,  15% off each purchase and a free for you gift in each order of 84$ worth 25$. You also get a birthday gift and a 20$ credit or every friend you refer to sign up as a VIP as well!

The New Monat Super Nourish Oil Creme Duo– will transform your dry hair to soft with our hand selected oils including Rejuveniqe Oil intensive, our liquid gold with a creamy base bringing you as much moisture you can ask for in just 2 minutes, you will see your hair transform into smooth tangle free and soft smooth hair! I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t ask for more. That is exactly what my dry hair needs right now!

MONAT Super Nourish™ Oil Crème Conditioner
Follow up your shampoo with this rich, creamy conditioner infused with REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive and Grape seed oil. In just 5 minutes, hair is smoothed and super-nourished for a healthy, lustrous look.

Replenish Masque + Hair Clips
Designed to increase hair’s natural brilliance, strength and vitality, Replenish Masque delivers vital nutrients to eliminate frizz and stop split ends in their tracks. Includes a set of stylish pearl-adorned MONAT hair clips!$.

Now, you also get to chose the mask you want free!

  1. Replenish Mask-my old time favorite and this mask has been part of our line from the very beginning, I still chose this mask over any other that we have because it does magic to my hair. It is ideal for damaged and moisture starved hair, it will penetrate and nurture your scalp, improve follicle strength and reduce hair thinning. For me it smoothed and shined my hair while nourishing inside and out leaving my hair looking sulky and youthful! I love this one! It will eliminate frizz, make your hair more manageable, and stops split ends in their tracks. If you pick this mask your free gift will include the pearl adorned hair clips!
  2. Heavenly Hydrating Mask-This mask will restore dry brittle hair to naturally soft and moisturized hair. This is an ultra hydrating lightweight mask, so it works best for thinner fine hair. It will improve vibrancy shine and manageability, also providing moisture from roots to tips leaving your hair with body, bounce and shine! This free mask will include a free Monat scarf!

Click on the link below, go to SHOP and chose PROMOTIONS on the righthand side of the screen and pick which set best suits you!

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Published by inzhirov

My name is Svetlana, or Lana for short. I am a 22, a wife, and a young mom to a 6month old. I ran into a Hair and Skin product line, and wanted to do the honors and share about my experience with Monat, as I have become a distributor to true products for me. Follow me for honest reviews, latest news, updates, sales and information on Monat Products xoxo, Lana.

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