Monat Skin Care

Monat Skin Care!? Wow, it’s here and it is super exciting I think for all of us. Even for those who are normally not a skin care routine person like myself. Let me explain why I am excited. I love what Monat stands for; Modern nature. Like CEO of Monat Rayner Urdaneta said at Monations 2019, “Because today we take Mother Nature–beyond Her!” That was so beautifully said. Monat does NOT take Mother Nature for gran-tide. Monat’s products are all infused with natural essential oils, just like our ancestors use to use for just about everything. It was like the old time cure for everything. Except now we have WAY more.  Using modern technology and science Monat took on these patent oils and formulated proprietary blends of liquid gold, to bring back a few years on our skin and hair! I know I can trust Monat because of the proven clinical results behind Monat’s key ingredients and because I have seen what Monat did to my hair! Cannot wait to see what it can do for my skin!

 It is never too early to start Anti-Aging products, but it can be too late.  


Be Gentle Routine-this system is made for sensitive skin and dry skin. Want to have hydrated and nourished skin? This is the one for you.


Be Gentle Routine

Cleanse, Repair, Treat, Replenish


  • Cleanse with the Be Gentle Creamy Cleanser.  It is a creamy conditioning wash that will lift dirt from you face gently without irritating your skin.Be-Gentle-Cleanser_SC
  • Prepare your skin with the Skin Revitalizing Essense. This product smooths and brightens your face for radiance with its anti-aging, hydrating ingredients! It will prepare your skin to receive the nutrients that Monat skin care products provide. By refining your pores your fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced.Rewind_SCSKIN-Revitalizing2
  • Conquer with Rewind Age Control nectar. This is where the magic happens, a supercharged serum that will flood your skin with a reconditioning dosage of active ingredients that will work on your uneven skin tones, age spots. It will improve your elasticity, fine lines, wrinkles and dullness, for a smoother and ageless skin.Be-Gentle-Moisturizer_SC_(1)
  • Finish with the Be Gentle Nourishing Creme– a daily nourishing, moisturizing and hydrating cream that will also calm soothe and soften the texture of your skin, leaving it with a healthy youthful glow.



Be Balanced Routine-This system was built for a renewed healthy complexion of skin, more targeted for oily skin types. Want a balanced complexion and radiant skin? This ones for you.


  1. Be Balanced foamy cleanser-This foamy wash removes oils while conditioning your face for 24 hours. It will brighten your complexion by purifying and refining pores without making your skin feel tight or dry.Be-Balanced1
  2. Skin Revitalizing Essence– A preparation for the skin to receive Monat’s nutrients. A lightweight liquid to help absorb the rest of the skin care’s nourishment. Refines pores for luminous youthful skin. This product is repeated in both systems! You may read the similar description above in the first system!SKIN-Revitalizing2
  3. Rewind Age Control Nectar-Tackles fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, age spots & loss of elasticity. Want an even toned face, this is the product to buy! Also repeated in both systems!
  4. For a fresh complexion finish with the Be Balance Lightweight Moisturiser. Skin will feel smooth, soft, hydrated and nourished, in the end bringing anti-aging fabulous results!

Last but not least Berry Refined Scrub. Remove dead surface skin cells with our Berry Refined scrub. A weekly face mask that will wash away any signs of dullness, and expose soft, smooth, fresh, and clean skin.Berry-Refined-Scrub_SC_(1).jpg

Don’t forget about the most imortant part. Don’t know your skin type? No problem! We have test strips for purchase! This will tell you exactly what products will be better for your skin, because your skin is special!



I am ready to try Monat’s Skin care! Are you?

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p.s. Oh by the way, did you know that Monat is launching in Poland and Ireland this year?!!! Woohoo I am soo excited! Our brand is going world wide! US, Canada, UK, Poland & Ireland here we go! Ready to join the movement with us?

Join Here 

This is still only the beginning of this incredible #1 Hair Care Line in the world based on Revenue! Y’all this is how you know the products are GOOD!

Published by inzhirov

My name is Svetlana, or Lana for short. I am a 22, a wife, and a young mom to a 6month old. I ran into a Hair and Skin product line, and wanted to do the honors and share about my experience with Monat, as I have become a distributor to true products for me. Follow me for honest reviews, latest news, updates, sales and information on Monat Products xoxo, Lana.

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