Review on Monat Effortless Style System-Deep Smoothing Hair Products


In the past year Monat has added quiet a bit of new products to the line and that has been good news all along for me because I feel that Monat has become more and more effective, targeting my biggest issues with my hair. Its hard to keep up with what products may be the best for you now so therefore here’s a review for you on the new system that has finally come together (just what I have been hoping for)-the Smoothing Deep Conditioner, Smoothing Shampoo and Blow Out Cream-my three favorites in a new system called the Effortless Styling System, (truly what it speaks because you don’t need much effort or other product to style your hair and look like you put a great amount of time into it). I’ve always hated putting any product into my clean hair so I was happy to say good by to hair mouse or anything else I have tried to make it easier to style clean hair.

As you may already know, I live in Indiana where its humid even in the Spring, I can feel the humidity coming from miles away, I honestly don’t get enough oxygen around here, coming originally from WA state. Well that humidity is a huge problem for my hair. And anyone visiting me here from WA state notices right away that their hair looks like crap very quickly after styling it. Thanks to Monat I have found the right products for my hair to last through that humidity without looking like crap unless it just gets too hot over all, my head is sweating from the amount of hair I have and I just start thinking about chopping my long hair off.

So in this post I want to review this Effortless Styling system and tell you how I use it for best results.


 Smoothing Deep Conditioner

This is my all time favorite because it targets my biggest issue here in our state- again…the humidity, just as I’ve stated above. No matter how I’d style my hair, the minute I’m outside my hair goes flat, dry and frizzy. I have a thick head of hair and let me tell you, I have to separate my hair into 5 or 6 sections to curl or straighten all of my hair. So when I spend all that time and effort styling may hair just to find it frizzy and flat all over again, I get pretty angry. My hair is also quiet heavy, so by the time I’m done with my top layer, my bottom layer is already uncurled. This conditioner is very light on my heavy hair and that plays a big big role in the end result. With this Smoothing Deep Conditioner I have found my hair to hold its body better in humidity and produce less frizz than the usual.  The Smoothing Deep Conditioner is also easy to use, as long as you keep it in for a few minutes in the shower, it will do the trick. As a mom of two boys who are banging at the door while I’m showering, its perfect, I don’t have to spend a lot of time putting all sorts of product in my hair before styling, this conditioner does most of the trick with the help of a little hair spray which I only use about twice a week on the weekends. I also can’t forget to mention the ingredients this conditioner has, our patent formula of Rejuveniqe, Crodasorb, Procataline and Capyxil. Little goes a long way, comes in a 6 ounce tube, lasts me about half a year as often as I use it.


Smoothing Shampoo

This shampoo obviously works great in combination with the Smoothing Deep conditioner. SO I will not be super repetitive because it does pair together to target and accomplish the same issues as the conditioner above, but shortly I will say that this shampoo does help with taming frizz, fly always and just smoothing out your hair while most importantly cleansing it, getting all that build up out of your hair. I also like this shampoo some what more than the others because it is a smoothing shampoo, seems of creamier texture, it is easier to apply and wash out, regardless the natural ingredients and minus the regular harsh chemicals that would be put into your shampoos to make it wash out easily and squeaky clean. This shampoo leaves the moisture in your hair leaving it soft smooth and tamed without the harsh ingredients still pretty easy to wash out.

I do however want to give a tip to people who may have thick hair like me. I know most of our bottles of shampoo say start with lathering the length of your hair and then massage your scalp, but I actually do the opposite. If I start with shampooing my long thick hair, it truly takes me a lot of product to get that great amount of lather. SO I begin with massaging my scalp. I lather a quarter size of shampoo between palms and fingers, and apply it with what I call a scissor affect into my hair, touching the scalp, top middle and back leaving an amount of shampoo at each section, and then I start to massage my scalp gently moving the skin of my head from scalp (this plays an important role opening up the pores and getting those nutrients into the follicles of your hair) you will find that this gives you a quicker and easier lather that becomes very sudsy, and you can easily pull that through the length of your hair. As long as my hair is I do add another small amount of shampoo to the bottoms of my hair. Keep it in at least two minutes rinse and repeat. It is good to repeat to help you speed up the detox process if you do go through it, that is where the first wash brings out the build up and the second time the shampoo nourishes your clean hair with all its great nutrients helping it better take in/absorb all the oils, vitamins and anti-oxidants Monat shampoos contain.


Blow Out Cream

I know in the beginning I said I’v always hated putting product into my clean hair, but with this product it is so different. After applying it to my damp clean hair, it’s as if I did not add anything into my hair. It is very light weight and it is so creamy-it dries leaving your clean natural hair still super clean, no build up, not sticky, not greasy, light weight and better yet so smooth and shiny I can’t stop bragging about this product. My hair looks gorgeous as if I just got a professional blow out. I savoir this product using it only on special occasions or weekends when I go out, I love it. You need a small amount all through your hair, blow out and your good to go. You may not even need to straighten your hair because you’ll find your natural waves looking gorgeous with this product in your hair. Another quick tip is it’s best to use your hair dryer on the cooler setting so your cuticles can lock in that moisture leaving your hair smoother and less fragile preventing any future damage that can come your way!

Hope you enjoyed this review! Leave your questions and comments below!

Check out the whole system here Effortless Styling System.



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My name is Svetlana, or Lana for short. I am a 22, a wife, and a young mom to a 6month old. I ran into a Hair and Skin product line, and wanted to do the honors and share about my experience with Monat, as I have become a distributor to true products for me. Follow me for honest reviews, latest news, updates, sales and information on Monat Products xoxo, Lana.

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