3 Year Monat Review

Monat Review-Would I ever use something else other than Monat

It’s been a little over three years since using Monat, and so I thought why not give you ladies and gents another good updated and a more educated review on my experience with Monat Hair Products. By three years I have convinced my entire family even the stubborn ones, including my in laws that Monat is most likely better than what they are using now. This included even my father whom always used one shampoo all his life- Head and Shoulders because it was the only shampoo that didn’t give him dandruff or an itchy scalp, let’s just say he loves Monat. As for me, I still wouldn’t switch Monat Hair products for anything else, even though my Monat review will not be a 100% positive one.

First Time I Used Monat

I still can’t forget the first time I used Monat, after my first use of the Revive Shampoo and Revitalize conditioner, I let me hair air dry, the result was incredible, it looked as if I gave my self a nice blow out and used some special styling cream. My hair looked moisturized, not dry as usual.   Normally after washing with any other shampoo, I’d have a frizzy, puffy, and wavy head of hair that needed to be straightened or tied up in a pig tale to not look like I just woke up. With my thick head of hair I was also surprised by the volume on the top layers of my hair. The year that I started using Monat, just a few months before I stupidly bleached my hair twice in the same day because I freaked out – that scary orange patchy hair I had afterwards- I wasn’t to be seen by anyone. The next day I turned around and colored my hair back to dark after giving up on bleach and toner. Where was my brain that day, I don’t know but all I knew, my already bad hair loss became severe hair loss, that was when I cried to my husband and he bought me the entire Monat line on our first anniversary as a surprise, October 2014.

Monat Replenish mask & Rejuveniqe Review

I of course fell in love with the Replenish mask and the Rejuveniqe Oil, because I can confidently say they saved the last life in my dead hair. If someone was to tell me that I would have healthy beautiful hair again in just half a year, I would have never believed them. Before Monat I had nightmares of waking up with bald patches all over my hair, that is how stressed and scared I was of the hair loss and damage I was experiencing. You know how they say your curls will look much better on the second day, that was not for me, on the second day my head of hair looked like I was wearing a dry “hay” wig, with half crooked straw instead of soft wavy curls. That is why I hated taking the time to curl my thick hair, the effort only lasted for one day, the next day I would wash my hair again. I used the Replenish mask as directed, sometimes even left it over night for a stronger effect. I used a few drops of the Rejuveniqe oil mixing it with my shampoo, with my conditioner and the mask. Adding those few drops in each product added more moisture and more shine to my hair in the long run. (All but two of Monat’s products are infused with the Rejuveniqe blend)

monat review

Rejuveniqe Oil Mask Treatment

If you have severe hair loss, I mostly recommend treating and massaging your scalp with the Rejuveniqe oil. Before I have used coconut oil, argon oil and even castor oil on my scalp, but haven’t found anything to strengthen my roots or restore hair growth like the Rejuveniqe Oil did. If you have read any about the Rejuveniqe Oil before, you may have heard that it has the power to open up and unclog your clogged follicles, restoring hair growth. This was probably the most incredible thing I noticed after about 4 months using Monat. I color my hair dark every three to four months, I never had a problem with having so many new baby hairs at my hair line before Monat.  I can’t call this a problem, this was a good sign, it may have just looked a little funny on my naturally pale skin and dark hair, so I use a little hair spray to blend those baby hairs in with the rest of my hair. I was impressed by this because our hair line at the forehead is exposed to the most damage and clogging, including make up and UV damage and other daily atmosphere that we may be in. Our hair follicles are very much line nasty black heads if they get clogged, they just close up and obviously no action happens there in terms of hair growth. Before any action happens those follicles need to be unclogged, so that was what Rejuveniqe did for me.

monat review

Review on Monat Systems

Learning more about all the Monat systems, I quickly switched to the Renew shampoo from the Hydration system of Monat. I never had a problem with volume and so that is why I switched because I needed a shampoo to help balance my PH levels. I loved this shampoo the most until I started using my husbands 2 in 1, I can’t say now which one I love more. Let’s just say on my lazy days when I don’t want to use conditioner I use the Men’s 2 in 1 and love it. Actually some recent testimonial I read on, and I have read several more similar ones is about a lady who used the Black Men’s shampoo on bleached blondes and it worked as good as the purple shampoo, taking out the brassy color out of their hair, working as a toner. I thought this was pretty cool especially since Monat shampoos are naturally based products, I am totally considering trying to go back to light or blonde hair because with Monat I know my hair can survive it.

Monat began with only 4 systems, the Balance System which is now the Hydration system, Volume System, Men’s and the Intense Repair Treatment, now there are a total of 9 systems, including one for juniors, a full Men’s system, Let it Grow system, Classic Confidence system and Power Boost System. Monat doubled if not tripled their amazing products creating more styling products as well as another powerful shampoo and wellness supplements for your hair. It is best for you to consult with someone before purchasing to help you chose the right products for your hair, because Monat wants to treat everyone right so they have products for dry scalps, oily scalps, itchy scalps, curly hair and hard hair or fine thin hair. For three years of working with this company and using Monat I can help consult you if you comment below.

Three years down the road

So, three years later, I still have no hair loss, coloring my hair every 3-4 months my hair is not thirsty for moisture, my hair is strong, I don’t have a problem with breakage or dry ends, my second day curls are realistic, and with the help of the Champ dry shampoo by Monat I was able to prolong my color a little longer. I can not say though that Monat prolonged my color time wise but it did define my color, gave it that nice vibrance with that extra shine. I actually tried going back to using a different brand shampoo to see what it would do to my color because I wasn’t super happy with Monat that I still had to colour my hair every 3-4 months, I wanted longer, but I found other decent shampoos to keep my color about the same amount of time as Monat did, but I did notice that the other shampoos dried my hair out when Monat kept it hydrated and healthy in the overall process, so I stuck with Monat. I do admit it was lame though wanting color to last longer than 3-4 months, because even at the salon you are told the hair color will fade within 28 washes which is anywhere between 9 to 11 weeks if your’e washing 2 or 3 times a week.

Monat Pricing

In my first year with Monat, cost was a big concern for me. I come from a family where we all used Head and Shoulders spending 7-14$ depending on the size of the bottle, of course I wasn’t happy with Monat’s pricing. It was only later when I became comfortable with the cost of Monat, of course taking the most advantage of the market partner discount plus setting up a flex ship saves me on shipping and a great great discount and even free product in each purchase over 69$ or if you’re a VIP orders over 84$ get you that free awesome gift from Monat which are usually super and worth anywhere from 25$ or more. (Blow out cream-my favorite!!!) So here’s the thing, there’s a lot you may now know to why Monat is on the high end of pricing. A bottle of Monat’s shampoo is not diluted with a ton of water like your cheaper brand shampoos even most salon proffesional products. I’m not saying Monat uses no water, of course water is needed in any shampoo to help it lather at all in your hair. So not only does this mean that a bottle of Monat shampoo contains more product than water, but that it can last you longer than any other shampoo, because this means you need to use about 1/3 of the amount of Monat shampoo on your hair then you would of your regular shampoo.


Why is Monat priced so highly

We also do not realize that Monat uses the safest ingredients to keep shelf life and to help lather in your hair then any other shampoos do. Let’s face it, Monat does not claim to be 100% natural (if I just opened your eyes, then great!), Monat claims to be 100% naturally based and cruelty free, theres a difference. This means Monat uses ingredients closest to its source-high quality extracts and essential oils and vitamins in pleasing and effective formulations. It’s common sense that if any products were 100% percent natural that first of all, they would NOT lather in your hair because it’s Nature-nature is not foamy, and the shampoo would not come in liquid form, at least not for long and it would need to be refrigerated or kept at a certain temperature to not go bad. And so this is where the name Monat comes in play. Mo-stands for Modern, “nat” stands for nature, meaning that the two came in harmony to work together to bring out the Monat Mission. So modern science is used to extract these natural essential oils from mother nature to come in a patent formulation to later heal and revive our hair.

monat review

Monat is “naturally based” there’s a difference

So why is Monat not 100% natural. Well there are three types of ingredients used in the products to help the products exist over all, and these are emulsifiers, surfactants and preservatives. Heck, you probably don’t even know what the first two are, I only knew that preservatives were 100% bad, but was I wrong?! After some research I learned preservatives aren’t all that bad, they are even good because you know what they do? They are used to keep our products and us safe from different types of mold, bacteria, yeast and fungus that can grow in the product, because that is mother nature for you. Even we humans will one day….you know what I mean. So to control that Monat uses under 1% in it’s total formulation, which is a ton times less than your regular super market shampoos. Also the preservatives Monat uses is a natural alternative that is safe and non toxic to human beings.

Emulsifiers, Surfactants, Preservatives

An emulsifier is what blends water and oil to become one, that is how you get that creamy effect in a shampoo. Without emulsifiers your shampoo would be seperated like a bottle of water and oil in two. Last but not least surfactants. A job of a surfactant is to help cleanse, it reduces the surface tension between to liquids or a liquid and a solid or in other words its what causes foam and bubbles. It breaks up the dirt from your scalp, or the dirt from another object. There are good surfactants and there are bad surfactants. Monat is known to not use SLS, which has recently created lots of controversy in different brands. There are some brands that use harsh surfactants in skin care and hair care, that do more damage then cleansing. Obviously the harsh surfactants are easier and quicker to use but they are also the cheapest way for a company to go, so many brands use the harsh surfactants (also called “detergents” if considered harsh) in your daily skin care and hair care, as they do in your home cleaning supplies. Pretty harsh right? This is where I want to point out how quickly and easily most our super market shampoos lather, at most compared to Monat. Monat advises to wash your hair twice for this reason, Monat uses gentle surfactants that will not foam up as easily but will also not strip your hair of it’s natural oils like the harsh surfactants will. In case you were wondering why your hair may be dry, this is why. If companies use detergents/ or harsh surfactants in your house cleaning supplies, why they heck are they used in our hair and skin care products?! I am blessed to have learned so much from doing research on different ingredients as well as reading up on Monat Global’s blog.

There isn’t much left to say for me in this Monat Review after writing a whole essay, I’ll be done here soon (hopefully just one more paragraph). My conclusion is it’s not so much about how you like the products from first use, and what they do in that first week or two. But it is in the knowledge of the product, its what’s inside and what’s not inside and its the long term effect that it has in your hair, because I don’t know about you, I’ve only seen my hair stay the same or the health go down hill with any products, but with Monat even just one bottle of shampoo showed me a dramatic difference in my hair, and that was after the detox stage that Monat took me through. That is the one thing I think I missed in this review, is that Monat shampoo doesn’t work like a regular shampoo, easily stripping off dirt with cheap detergents leaving your hair dry and squeaky clean, but Monat actually cleanses deeply, unclogging all of your follicles, while healing your cuticles and restoring moisture and balance in your hair by absorbing into the scalp and hair. I have thick hair, so my detox stage was not fun, and I warn you your’s may not be either. The first two days after washing with Monat was nice clean hair but a day later and the middle back part of my hair felt nasty and greasy, what I did not realize was that Monat was deeply detoxing my hair from all buildup I have had for years and years. Just because most shampoos lather so well and get so foamy doesn’t mean they deeply cleanse your hair, this extra foam and harsh ingredients used in the products actually add up as build up, because unlike Monat so microscopically small full of essential oils, vitamins, beta carotene, omega 3 fatty acids–other shampoos just sit on top of your hair instead of absorbing and healing your strands.

So it is what it is. Monat is good and I recommend it. There’s a lot more you can learn about Monat from other testimonies about regrowing hair, using Monat during chemo, or helping regrow hair for people suffering from balding or Alopecia, thyroid issues and hormone imbalances. Monat now carries almost twice as many systems and products all together than it did when it just launched three years ago, there’s lots of great styling products all waiting for you to try. I hope this was an enjoyable and informative read! Leave your questions and comments below!

monat review





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