Hair Detox

Who needs a hair detox?

I never imagined there to be such thing as a Hair Detox. You would think washing your hair every two days cleanses your hair pretty well leaving no build up what so ever-at least it feels that way, your hair feels nice and fresh after a good wash.  But just like black heads and white heads are found on our faces, our hair follicles/pores are clogged with lots of unwanted nasty things.  After time and aging clogged pores or hair follicles cause hair loss because the soil of our scalps have junk instead of healthy nutrients and amino acids to maintain healthy strong growing  hair.

My Monat Detox Experience

So when I first purchased Monat, and about the first month of using it, I was kind of clueless what was going on with my hair. The first wash was amazing my hair felt fresh clean smooth and soft! But it wasn’t until one or two days later I woke up with extremely oily hair as if I hadn’t washed my hair in more than a week. I was like “what is going on?! I just washed my hair yesterday!” I thought “well Monat is naturally based I must have not shaken up the shampoo before using it and the oils and other ingredients weren’t distributed evenly, or it was that I didn’t wash my hair out well enough. Well it wasn’t till after I asked my market partner what the heck was going on, she sent me a chart, the 90 day garauntee chart that showed everything expected to happen each month. Well that explained a lot.

If I would put my fingers through the nape of my head/hair it felt as if my hair was dipped in oil and dried, all of that was excess styling goop., years of build up and wax melting out of my hair.  That same day I  washed my hair again, this time twice with the shampoo and once with conditioner. The first wash got most of that residue out of my hair and the second helped clean my hair, and I used the Revitalize conditioner to help smooth and moisturize my hair. The leave in conditioner is amazing too but I didn’t want my hair to feel dirty too soon again either so I avoided using any leave in products. So for the first couple months my hair did get oilier a day faster, but I knew my hair was detoxifying and it was completely necessary. I would say 2-3 months later it went back to norm. I did not want to go back to using other products because my hair never felt healthier before after just washing and conditioning my hair. To my experience Monat shampoo was the only shampoo that started changing my hair. After the detox  everything about my hair went up hill.

What to Expect in your Hair Detox

The first time you use a Monat shampoo you may notices it will not lather so greatly as your other shampoos. That happens for several reasons. First a Monat shampoo contains natural ingredients/lots of oils.  It does NOT contain sulfate or harsh salt systems-these ingredients are the cheapest ways for brands to go about lathering. Two, a Monat shampoo contains about 20% less water than your super market shampoo (its nice knowing this you’re paying for product not diluted shampoo) Last but not least this is one of the first signs that the detox is beginning to work.  Here is where you notice the shampoo completely absorbed into your hair and scalp. Your hair at this point looks like its only wet but no sign of product. Definitely not something I have experienced before with other shampoos. This is where I knew the product went deep inside my pores and cuticles of my hair to take out all that build up. This is why you want to wash your hair a second time the first couple months of using Monat. A second time will get you that perfect fresh cleanse. Too much work you say? I think too, I usually preferred 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, but you guys it is so worth it just wait to see what your hair feels like once the detox is over! Very very big difference.

During the Detox month 1, you may also experience some scaling and some itching but do not be afraid this is all part of the process. Exfoliating the scalp may cause some flaking, in this case it’s good to get rid of that dead skin on your scalp to help open up the pores and start treating and hydrating your new skin/soil for your roots! Some itching may happen as well because your follicles are being opened and awakened for new hair growth soon. Its kind of like when a small wound on your body starts to heal it begins to itch a little because your body/cells are fighting to heal itself.

Some shedding may happen as well from the hair follicles that are enlarging and getting rid of old cells and dormant hair. In other words some old hair needs to come out for the new hair to start coming in. If you didn’t know before 10-15% of your hair is in resting face meaning its soon to come out because of new growth coming in. So some hair loss is normal! Over time you will notice less and less hair loss, I went from clumps of lose hair at the bottom of the tub to 1-2 hairs and sometimes none!

Results of Hair Detox

Youthful hair is what you get. I truly feel as if I have 10 year old’s hair, very soft, great smooth texture, no frizz even right after wash my hair doesn’t look fluffy or frizzy, instead tame and shiny.  The strength has improved big time at the hair follicles, with a clean exfoliated scalp the roots of my hair are healthy nourished and strong. I noticed a change in the volume, the volume increased in my thick heavy hair and that my friends is rare to see, my hair usually weighs itself down–even though I have a lot of hair my hair will still look flat, but after all the build up is gone and roots are strong the volume is awesome, not much need of teasing at all-that is always nice because I know it damages my hair.  Although I color my hair every 3 months my hair is not dry or damaged it is healthy, over all pretty amazing, I never achieved nice healthy hair from switching shampoos. I cannot be more thankful to my husband who found this product line, and more proud to be a distributor of these products to help everyone achieve healthy hair again.

Detox your hair? I think yes! Want to start yours ask me for more information. Monat contains several different systems for different hair types and needs. Learn whats best for you! Contact me! I hope this post was eye opening and educational!!! Check out my online store here to see all our products and ingredients in them! I will also attach that 90 day chart I was talking about earlier to this post! Check it out!

90 days garauntee



Published by inzhirov

My name is Svetlana, or Lana for short. I am a 22, a wife, and a young mom to a 6month old. I ran into a Hair and Skin product line, and wanted to do the honors and share about my experience with Monat, as I have become a distributor to true products for me. Follow me for honest reviews, latest news, updates, sales and information on Monat Products xoxo, Lana.

3 thoughts on “Hair Detox

    1. That is awesome thank you! Is this what you do for your hair? And how did that work better for you than the other Monat shampoos! I would love to hear some more from you!


  1. Hi Lana,
    Just wondering how long this detox lasts. I am not experiencing oily hair, I am experiencing hair coming out in the shower. I had hair come out previously in the shower but now it feels like more is coming out. I already had thinning hair but now I am worried that it is getting worse. I have had my hormones and thyroid tested and my thyroid is normal. My hormone levels are low but that is expected at my age. I am 49. My hair has always been thick up until about age 45. I have always used good hair products, like Redkin, Biolage, etc. I have spent a lot of money already on Monat. I bought the market partner kit for my hair and now just spent another 148.00 for two conditioners, the leave in conditioner, the intense repair treatment spray and the blow out cream. I joined the market partner to get the 30% discount. I am starting to wonder if I made a mistake. It has only been one month since I started using the system. When should I notice that my hair stops coming out and starts getting thicker. My monat sponsor said to not give up and hang in there but she has so much hair. I don’t want to lose the hair I have and make my hair situation worse. I was looking up reviews online about Monat and saw your blog. I just wanted to get feedback from someone else using Monat. My rep said to hang in there that it was normal for the hair to come out because it was just hanging on with all of the build up from other products and would have come out eventually anyway. Is this true. She said no shampoo is going to make your hair fall out. I just am concerned because I saw a you tube video where a lady who calls herself Junkfreemomma did a review on Monat and she said that it made her lose half of her hair in three months and that it hasnt come back since she stopped using the products.

    Please if you could email me back I would appreciate it! I am trying to hang in there. I have naturally wavy hair and I use it’s a 10 Leave in conditioner now with Redkins Curvaceous curling cream products. I don’t know if it is bad to use styling products from other lines. Will that keep me in the detox phase longer or make my hair come out more. I have tried to air dry my hair but I need to use the heat from my blow dryer with a diffusor in order to get my wavy hair to curl. What styling products do you use to get curly hair?

    Sorry for the long message but I wanted another opinion.

    Thank you!
    Glenda Gable


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