Looking for a new Market Partner to Join My Monat Team

Hi there,


I am looking for a new Market Partner to join my awesome Team of Monat direct Marketing business. I will give you my two best reasons for why you should join me

1) First because Monat has one of the highest commission rates in the Direct Market Department, 30-40% and this is only one of the commissions you will receive, there are so much more rewards and commissions you will get!

2) If you join soon, you will still be up at top of this pyramid, because people JUST started hearing about Monat, even though its already been a year since Monat was launched. The word about Monat is just going viral now! Just launched in Canada this August, and will soon in all countries all over the world. This gives you so many options and chances introducing Monat to the people the around you, better yet, to salons!!!

I will tell you this as well, I’m one of the happiest stay-at-home moms that there is! I am 22, married, and just gave birth to a baby boy 6 months ago and I am making the more cash than I did working a full time job before I became a mommy. So I am gladly supporting my husband with mortgage and bill payments as I have before, just this time from home, and yet this is just the beginning..my commision is only growing bigger in this pyramid!

I won’t make this much longer, but if you haven’t heard of Monat, we are an age preventing Hair and Skin product line, made up of oils, and more oils, natural collected from all over the earth. Selling natural, healthy, and quality product is easy because it sells itself!

If you sign up with me, I will be there for you for any questions or direction.  I am very outgoing, easy to talk to and I will love it if you join me!

Contact me by phone, text, or email anytime.

Want to know more about joining read this earlier post or ask me any questions! Thank u!

-Lana Inzhirov


(812) 604-6462

Published by inzhirov

My name is Svetlana, or Lana for short. I am a 22, a wife, and a young mom to a 6month old. I ran into a Hair and Skin product line, and wanted to do the honors and share about my experience with Monat, as I have become a distributor to true products for me. Follow me for honest reviews, latest news, updates, sales and information on Monat Products xoxo, Lana.

4 thoughts on “Looking for a new Market Partner to Join My Monat Team

  1. I have a question that my Monat rep cannot answer so I’m hoping you can, if you don’t mind. I’ve been using Monat products for almost three months now. Initially, my hair looked great but lately I’ve been losing more hair than normal, it’s tangly after washing and conditioning, and my ends are quite frizzy, especially around my bang area. I did use purple shampoo a couple of times, mostly out of habit but also because my hair dresser recommended I do so because I have highlights and the well water tends to make them brassy. I guess my question is this….If I use hair products other than shampoo that are not natural (such as hairspray and an anti frizz serum by Kenra I’ve used for years) will I continuously go through this detox phase I’ve read about? I switched to the Hydration package this month hoping that would help but so far it has not.

    Sorry to intrude but I really need help! Thank you!


    1. Hi BJ,
      I am sorry for the late reply, I was actually searching for some answers for you, and luckily I just read a testimony I’m excited to tell you about. Awesome news for blondes anyways! So the testimony is about a lady that has been using the Monat Black 2 in 1 Shampoo and conditioner on blondes in her salon, and found that it works just like the purple shampoo, getting rid of that brassy color. So that is really good news because you can switch to that instead, I love the black shampoo on myself because I color my hair all the time, and even though it’s not blonde it helps my color stay a bit longer, unlike the other Monat shampoos I don’t feel like they help a ton with prolonging my color. The thing about using other products is that most of these products do not absorb into your hair they stay on top of your hair just coating it, therefore yes it may make you go through detoxing again. The hydration system is awesome and I think soon you will see better result with that then what you have been using before, the frizzy-ness should go away and your hair will become more hydrated with the moisture from the Replenish Mask taking that frizz away making your hair more tame and soft. We also have the Rejuveniqe Oil serum it is amazing can be used in 101 ways on hair and skin. You can find my post about this oil and the 101 ways of using it here https://bestshampoothinninghair.com/2015/06/10/101-uses-of-rejuveniqe-oil-intensive/ I know this serum is expensive and it looks like a small bottle but it lasted me 2 years, a little goes a long way! Also has your rep given you the 90 day chart of how Monat products work? Some hair loss after detox or during is normal, some of your hair coming out can be the result of new hair pushing it out. I hope that helps, and here is my blog post with the 90 day chart you can look at! https://bestshampoothinninghair.com/2016/01/20/monat-90-day-guarantee-to-healthy-hair/


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