Monat Is not a Scam

I have found many people to search the web if Monat is a scam. So I wanted to make a post on this subject.

Monat is certainly not a scam. The reason why anyone would be afraid to join their business opportunity is because Monat is New and it is not free to join. It was launched October 1st of 2014, that is 5 months ago, yet Monat has hit 1 million sales in the past three months. The products themselves are not a scam either. Ask for free samples first. I own the entire product line myself and love it.

If you join Monat:

  • You can test the products yourself before spending any money, or joining the business.
  • Monat Products Sell themselves-these products really are legit. Made up of 11+ natural oils from all over the world. Tested first on humans not animals because of the safeness of the ingredients they are made of. And contain no harsh salts, chemicals, and are not alcohol-based.
  •  There is still not much competition – It has been a little over half a year, and the word on this brand new product line has still not reached everywhere!
  • You will be one of the early introducers of these products-which means you will make more money then the people who sign up later. Time is ticking and this pyramid business is growing. You can still be up at the top. Introduce your business to others, sign them up underneath you and make commissions and bonuses from them…the pyramid will grow and grow, and you will make your commissions based off the team you create.
  • The commission rate is higher than most marketing businesses and/or affiliate programs. 30-40% retail commissions. 15% VIP Customer Orders, & Sales Bonuses up to 10% (The larger the volume of sales, the bigger the bonuses) 7-12% commission from market partners you sign up
  • Monat will soon be launched all over the world- this coming October Monat will be launched in Canada, and later in other countries
  • It is 100$ to sign up- 100$ may not be pocket change, but it costs money because you get your own e-commerce store (no need to build your own website/store), your own back office, with all the tools and guidelines to help get started, and a starter kit with samples, brochures, manuals, business cards, a USB with videos.

If you want to know more about Monat or join, read about it Here and check out my earlier post more about Joining Monat as Market partner Here.

8 Replies to “Monat Is not a Scam”

  1. 6/30/16
    I do not think this product is a scam. Lana sent me samples, which gave my hair great volume & if you have colored hair, your color will not fade & I think with continued use I would see good results, undecided base on cost. My favorite was the leave-in restore conditioner, but all products worked great together, thanks Kay T


  2. Don’t you think it’s a little obvious a good review would be left by somoene Paid by Monet to peddle their goods? If the product is so good and it is after 1.5 years – where are the legit reviews from consumers that are Not Paid Independent Marketers of the product ??

    Endorsements & proof of the product delivering those “guaranteed results” would absolutely more plausible if they came from Consumers not paid employees..,. but I can only find you online marketers touting Monat products. Curious isn’t it!

    And NO ONE Answers the Monat 800 number! What if I have an issue? A return? A question? That’s Not the kind of customer service I should receive from a High-end hair product company that charges approx $50 for one conditioner ! (And why doesn’t it state how many ounces of each product we are receiving for our money?

    and Where are these actual clinical study results that are in a drop-down next to each product ??
    Typing onto a sales site – “76% experienced an increase in collagen directly increasing follicle size” – does Not provide adequate proof or back-up data pertaining to actual clinical trials, if they were, in fact, completed.
    Would purchase this in a heartbeat if it didn’t have all of these red flag bogus sales-pitches instead of real endorsements and real customer service!


    1. Dear Potential Customer,

      I completely understand why it seems like a ton of bogus when a distributor brags about the merchandise/products they are selling. If you search the web for Monat reviews, you will find a ton of bloggers who sampled these products and wrote their honest reviews. The way you can tell a distributor from a non-distributor is a non distributor will post the Monat Global site link instead of their own eCommerce site like any distributor of Monat would.

      Monat is a direct sales Company (manufacturing and selling Detox and Anti-aging products in the US), therefore their website may be limited because the job of customer service, selling and advertising is given to us distributors such as I. If you have any questions or problems you may always contact your local or online distributor that introduced Monat to you. Contact me and I will do my best to help you.

      Monat is also open to social media- this is my blog, and it is my honest work, any negative experience I have had with Monat I posted on my blog. I became a serious distributor of Monat only after I saw true result in my hair, regretting the fact that I didn’t think of taking a before and after picture, but the web is not limited to honest non-distributor reviews, as well as before and after pictures of the true result that Monat brought to many. If you need help finding resources, I will be happy to assist you.

      I would have never became a distributor of Monat if it hadn’t saved my hair from thinning or made my hair healthy again after years of coloring and bleaching my hair. I have better things to do then blog about products that are useless to me or more so, spend that much money on products that do not work for me. Therefore I AM a distributor of Monat because I have been blessed by these products. I am so happy with the results, my hair is so healthy again! so of course, I want to share these products with other people who may be in the same situation I once was with dead, bleached, and thinning hair. This may sound like more bogus to you, but that is for you to decide.
      Are you desperate to improve the health of your hair that you are willing to take the risk and try to save your hair with Monat? If not, you may be missing out and losing time, but maybe not! Most distributors would say Monat is for everyone. I would say Monat is NOT for everyone. If your hair is healthy, not thinning and the products you are using work great for you, then why switch to Monat and spend probably more money on hair products then you would regularly? To be honest if it wasn’t for my husband purchasing Monat for me as my anniversary gift, I would have NEVER spend so much money on hair products even though I was desperate for healthy hair again. And I never did believe that only by switching product, that it would save my hair. I thought my hair was far gone and done for after so much harsh treatment I have put my hair through.

      The only thing I cannot give you an answer about right now is why the 800 number did not work when you tried to call probably more than once. I will contact Monat global and complain about the unsatisfactory customer service and also bring to their attention why they do not include the amounts of the product on their website. I do own almost whole product line and the products do have the ounce and mLe amounts on the bottles, so I may be posting a blog including this info.

      Distributors of Monat have access to all clinical studies and proof of Monat results in our back offices, to which you do not have straight access to, but I can provide you with the clinical studies and proof of Monat Hair Products, and send them to you through email.

      Thank you so much for your comment. You have opened a huge area of what I need to bring attention to as a distributor (as well as Monat Global), truly motivating me to post more about the true clinical studies of Monat and much more. I appreciate your comment as I believe many others will too. Please if you have anything else you would like to ask/comment about, I will love to listen and help you in any way I could.


    1. Hi Patty, I can deffinetly help you with that. You can use the link below to sign up as a market partner if you’re ready to do so, and I will mail you samples and a brochure about the business opportunity as soon as I get your address. I will email you for your address and mail the samples out ASAP! Can’t wait to hear back from you. I am excited for you to be a part of Monat! You will love it!


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