Monat Hair products Review after 5 months of use


Monat Hair Products

So it has been 5 months since I have been using Monat. Its been a while since I have done a progress review of my hair, so here it is


  • I will start with the bad, I don’t believe I achieved  super shiny hair, maybe it is because my hair was way too dead to begin with, but I had my hopes up and, shine-not so much, but the health of my hair did change, just wanted to clear that up,–will not lie to sell the products! I do believe a few more months down the road maybe I will get some shine!
  • Expensive-I do get a nice discount as a distributor, but the products are definitely on the expensive side for me. I never spent more than $15 on a bottle of shampoo before, until Monat. On the bright side, there are a few ways to save some $$ on these products. If you sign up for the VIP membership, that gives 15% discount on each purchase and free ground shipping every month, with an annual fee of 20$ to sign up. Also there are flash sales going on every once in a while, if you keep a close eye you can catch it. (I usually post when flash sales and deals are going on. So subscribe if you’re interested! they only last 1 to 3 days)


  • The first thing I couldn’t believe is how much new growth I saw after a few months of using Monat. Not only that, my hair was growing so much faster overall.. I am talking from a person who’s hair grew barely a half an inch each month now growing almost 3 inches a month. I am still trimming my hair every month to keep the ends healthy, but even with monthly trimming, my hair is getting lengthier.
  • I quit losing so much hair.  I lost so much hair all the time, I’d have nightmares about hair loss. I was terrified. I didn’t know what to do. I reconsidered heat styling and chemical treatment and  I was never going to use bleach again. After about three months of using Monat, I feel that Monat strengthened the roots of my hair, and there are non but 1-2 lose hairs at the bottom of the shower after cleansing my hair, unlike before almost clumps of hair that I’d find. (It feels great to not see lose hairs all over my shirt, bathroom floor or shower, that was a painful sight!!!)
  • I feel a dramatic difference in my hair-it is SOFT now,seriously I considered my hair horse hair because it was so rough, dry and brittle.
  • The Rejuveniqe Oil that I would use as a mask treatment every week or so, thickened my hair with moisture and nutrients- running my fingers through my hair feels great!
  • I love my natural waves now…my hair looks healthier.
  • I have found to rarely desire to heat style my hair. This is something I’d never guess would happen because I am obsessed with curling and straightening hair almost every other day. I use less heat now because I have been finding my natural waves more beautiful-now that my hair looks healthy once again
  • Compliments, compliments, compliments. The people that see me almost everyday have noticed the huge difference in my hair, they compliment on the length and health of my hair! A few of my friends say “your hair looks so much better!” its a little nice yet a little offensive at the same time knowing how terrible my hair did look.
  • I found more hope and more confidence in feeling great about my hair once again. I do not have to chop my hair off like I once thought was my only choice to regrow beautiful healthy long hair, instead I just brought it back to life with these products.
  • one update I’d like to include-Monat just came up with new styling products-hair spray and sculpting taffy! I am super excited to use more of these quality products on my hair for styling as well!

Overall, Monat has worked so well for me. It didn’t only bring my hair back to life, but Monat has taught me how and motivates me daily to take good care of my hair. I say this because I am the girl who would buy a 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner, to wash my hair once and be done with, not using any other product, other than hair spray styling my hair.

I would recommend these products to anyone who struggled with hair problems like me; hair loss, breakage, heat or chemical damage,or anyone who is looking for something more natural to maintain healthy beautiful hair. For those who do have healthy hair, you may not want to spend this much $$ on hair products, if you found products you are happy with, I am happy for you! Keep using what you are using, but know the ingredients in your products, know the ingredients you want to avoid, and pay attention– do they own up to the promises they  claim to bring? Because for me, Monat actually did. Some of us look for a little more then just a good cleanser with a great scent. I hope you find what you seek!

So now… if i had to pick, my favorite 4 products they would be:

1)Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive -about four times a month I apply the oil to my scalp as a mask treatment, wrapping my head with a warm towel for half an hour, and treat myself to my own mini spa day. I embrace it! My time to relax and enjoy myself with a cup of coffee or a hot bath! Daily I apply a tiny bit to the ends of my hair to protect from heat damage, styling regularly, and the awesome part is you can’t tell I have any oil in my hair because if you put the right amount (very little ) it does not give a greasy look. I achieved moisture and hair growth with this rich product.

2)Revive Shampoo and Revive Conditioner-these are two different products, but they should always stick together because it does a great job cleansing and conditioning my hair. Both products are very silky, cleanses hair leaving it very soft with natural volume. Smells great too! These products helped me stop hair loss.

3)Replenish Masque –  I use this product twice a week, which is how many times I wash my hair in a week. You might think “gross” but washing hair everyday is not good for you. I wouldn’t even recommend it with Monat, because your hair produces its own natural oils that maintain healthy hair. So don’t wash out your natural oils completely! After using Monat Shampoo I apply the masque to damp hair and leave it in for 5-to 10 minutes, and rinse, without using conditioner, I alternate between the two. This masque is what seems to repair my hair, it hydrates my moisture-starved hair with nutrients and oils. And it proves to boost hair growth as well and I have to say it did! I have so much little new growth everywhere!

4)Intense Repair Treatment I love this product because it is so powerful yet it is simple to use, it is a leave-in treatment. Just spray a tiny bit to the roots of hair at the scalp, blow dry and done!  This product was clinically proven many times for preventing hair loss and strengthened the follicles of my hair, boosting hair growth as well.

What products helped your hair?


Please do leave comments/questions below!

Hope this post was some what eye opening to how these products work!

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330 thoughts on “Monat Hair products Review after 5 months of use”

      1. Hi there,
        I am new on this site. I am interested in some samples and I would purchase shampoo and conditioner as well. The cost is kind of pricey but if the products are really good, I will be willing to purchase. Do you have samples or can I purchase some as I would like to try about 5 or 6 samples and I know that is a lot to ask for. Please let me know. Basically, I am looking for a product for hair that is colored every 4 weeks due to being gray headed and my hair is thinning as I am 50 years old. Thank you for your information. Thanks!


  1. I would love a sample. .bad hair dresser over processed my hair with blesch..half fell it’s dry and coarse. .salon is giving me free oloplex treatments once a month..could I use this. .do you sell samples ?


  2. Hi there- I’m really interested in trying Monat products before buying. Would love some samples if there are still some available. Thank you!!


  3. Would love a recommendation on what products to use from this line. I’ve been having a lot of hair loss in the shower the last 4 yrs. I also need something that doesn’t take color out of my hair — so many products do this even when they say they won’t. I’m over 50% gray and my grays are very resistant. Would love to try some samples too if you have any available.


  4. I would love some samples as well. I have very fine hair which is also beginning to thin majorly— a wig maybe in my future and I am only 40!


  5. It was such a wonderful article dear and from my side I want to say that i am using jamaican black castor oil from long and its really effective. SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Edge Treatment is a gentle styling aid which protects, nourishes and strengthens damaged, processed hair.


  6. Would love to try some shampoo and conditioner/ rejuvenique oil and masque if I could get some samples from you. I am 60 and a few graying hairs. Just cut off the rest of the dead ends so at least it is virgin hair to begin with. Losing quite a bit and thinning really bothers me as well as unmanageable. Thank you


  7. How could I get a sample of this product? I have had such a hard time growing hair in a little over 3 years. I would love to try it. Here is my address. Thanks in advance.
    Gabriela Zepeda
    940 Superior
    Aurora Illinois 60505


  8. Can you please send me samples…this was recommended by a friend and I have ongoing issues that I’m hoping these products will help with.


  9. Hi, my name Antonio, I am interested in your products and my mom as well. She is a stylist and is wondering if she would be able to sell it in her salon. I would like to try your products. Please send me more information.


  10. Hi Lana, It sounds very awesome! I am looking for products to prevent my hair loss and to improve my thinning hair. I love to try these products if the samples are available. You think it is possible?


    1. Hi Sharon, I beleive the Let it Grow Line is the best option for people with thinning hair, because this shampoo contains Rejuveniqe, the back bone product of Monat in it, as well as the Red Clover Extract one of the main ingredients that boosts hair growth. It is also nice to have a 2 in 1 Shampoo and conditioner, because it is nice to condition and cleanse hair in just one wash. The Intense Repair Treatment spray is also a very powerful product that leads to noticeable hair growth after using for several months! I am witness, I gave my own product to my niece and her hair has been noticeably growing quicker and experiencing new hair growth.


  11. I definitely love all of the products you’ve listed. I will never ever try to mess around or try anything BUT monat. It has completely restored my hair-it was like dry hair on a humid hot summer day-no life it it at all. and now even my husband loves my hair and comments on how soft it is!


  12. I would like to try some sample of the shampoo and conditioner for thining hair before I buy this product. If still available. Thank you


    1. Hi Sid,

      Yes we have a special line made for men, that helps boost hair growth in the crown area and all over by using the Mens 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner along with the Intense Repair treatment spray. These products contain Capixyl, Crodasorb, Procatiline and Rejuvenque that are all powerful oils providing hair regrowth and health! These oils mimic bodies natural oils and open up dead or clogged hair follicles to promote new hair growth. Please check out the products at Sponsor ID 1269


  13. Hi. I am struggling with hair loss due to hormone fluctuation. I’ve tried a ton of different products but nothing has worked. Could you send me some samples so I can try these products before I buy?


  14. I am interested in giving the shampoo and conditioner a try. I have thinning fine hair and dry scalp due to menopause. What do you recommend?


  15. I have thin fine hair very dry!What would I need an what would be the cost?What should I expect from them product? Is it money back guaranteed!


    1. This is Lana with Monat Hair products. I would best recommend the Balance System for your hair for hydration or the IRT shampoo for hair thinning, both promote hair growth and help hydrate your scalp and your hair. The balance system contains a Replenish masque and a leave in conditioner that bring moisture and essential oils back to your hair. These two products you will love because they will make your hair healthy and soft again.

      I will need your address if you would like samples!

      The prices vary depending on what you want to purchase. Most of our systems cost 99$
      The systems contain from 2 to 3 products each, shampoo conditiioner and something other like root lifter, masque or Intense repair Treatment.

      You do save if you buy a system instead of individual products and there are other ways of saving by becoming a VIP customer, its a flex ship, where you chose when to ship you new products how often you’d like and which products you’d like, this comes with 15% discount plust free shipping, saves you a ton of money in the long run, plus you get VIP special treatment, free gifts/products and if you get three people to sign up as VIPs as well than you can earn a credit up to 99$ in Monat Money to get you free products!


    1. Hi Mart, is there anything else other than hair thinning you are wanting to promote in your hair, so I can better lean you towards the best products for you. Please check your email so I can get your address to mail you samples!


      1. Having some real problems with hair loss. Hair has become so thin that I spend more time trying to cover the bald spots then I do styling my hair. My scalp seems dry as well. Can you help with samples that I can try before purchasing?


  16. I read wear you use a hair dryer I don’t ever use one if I get this product do I have to use a hair dryer I am am very interested in this product I love love my hair I take very good care of it but I want more length shine volume and just plain beautiful hair


    1. Hi Tracey of course you dont have to, I just find it to work best for me, but I don’t use a hair dryer all the time maybe 50% of the time. A nice blowout is sometimes more fancy but towel dry is just as good especially with a
      good products. If you are interested into samples let me know!


  17. Hi, I have oily & thinning hair( 42 year old female). What would be the best products for me. I am allergic to synthetic fragrances. Will you post products to NEw Zealand? Thanks


  18. Hi, I’m in my early 50’s and my hair is very dry from years of using styling tools ( namely straighteners) and coloring my hair. I’ve been going to my hairdressers and getting intense treatments done every six weeks and it does help but I still havent found products to use at home to use that I’m completely happy with yet ( and I’ve bought many)!
    I’ve heard about and read the reviews on Monat and would love to try some Samples before I invested in the products!!


  19. I come from generations of hair loss in women. My grandmother and aunt both wear wigs due to it and my mother is on her way there as well. I already shed hair like no ones business and i am looking for ANY way to slow it down. i’d love to try some samples as well to se if this is a good route for me before making the investment.


  20. Hi I’m very interested in these products but would like to try a sample before purchasing. Would I be able to get a sample of each of the products you mentioned above? I too struggle with breakage and hair loss and would love to try these.


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