Dare to spend 300$ for your Hair?

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You Wouldn’t Believe It

That a Bottle of Shampoo Would CHANGE Your Hair


Hi there,

My name is Svetlana and I tend to be a consumer, saving money on every buy.  But did I dare to spend 300$ worth of Hair Products on myself? No I did not, but my husband had me in for surprise.

It was close to our first wedding anniversary, and I have been complaining about my hair for the past year if not more. My hair was dead and ugly, and sad.

Let me explain the state of my hair: my hair was dehydrated, colored about 5 times, split ends, my hair was rough and brittle, and the worst of it all, I have been having some major hair loss issues after bleaching my hair several times.

I’v tried so many different things, only to see no progress in health or my hair-loss. And so, I was never more thankful to my husband for the 300$ Monat product Pack he bought for me to restore my hair-as my anniversary gift.

This is my one year review of using Monat Hair products  and I can not believe the dramatic, impossible difference I saw in my hair. I thank God that I did not chop my  hair off that took me years and years to grow. My hair was finally alive again! I restored my healthy hair once again, I never thought possible.

If you are/ or were in the same place I was, you just think there is no way to bring your hair back from the dead. Little did I know, that switching to a shampoo that was naturally based and a bit more costly than I was normally used to–would change my hair so much. My hair became soft, shiny, and there are none but 1 or 2 lose hairs at the bottom of my bath tub, after washing my hair with Monat Hair products.

monat hair1

Don’t Give Up on Your Hair

It was about time I could finally stop loosing hair! It was definitely a process and a waiting game, but with every month using Monat shampoo I would see less and less lose hair.  Monat shampoo, conditioner and the Rejuveniqe Oil, strengthened the roots of my hair, that are now growing about an inch every month, so now I am not terrified to trim my hair every couple months. This is my story, and that is why today I have become a distributor with Monat; for the products I love and believe will help many others, and I love to share, sharing is caring! I would not like my friend who was using a great shampoo and did not tell me about it so here I am!

The Products are Great! Here Are Some Facts


First off Monat Hair products were tested on humans, not on animals because that is how safe Monat is, made up of natural oils and ingredients.

Monat Hair products are made up of 13+ rare oils collected from all around the Earth, that mimic our body’s own natural oils to maintain the youthfulness and health of our hair and skin. And this is exactly what sets us apart from all other hair care. The way that this natural formula absorbs into our hair strands as if its out natural hair oils is gold, because other products just sit on top of your hair or cleanses your hair SO harshly it deprives you of your natural hair oils that keep your hair alive, leaving your hair clean but dry, in the end prone to damage! This is what I fear most now, using some harsh shampoo only to dry my hair out again, but thank goodness there is no going back to that now thanks to Monat. I thought other paraben and sulfate shampoos were doing a great job cleaning my hair, but truly it was damaging my hair more and more, and I thought it was just the heat styling or chemical treatments I’ve been doing. The bad shampoos were not helping, we are so blinded now-a-days, we have to know what we’re using.

The Monat Product line now contains a total of 12 systems for different hair treatments, covering all hair issues you can think of, this is not including our color systems that keep your color vibrant whether you are a brunet, blonde or platinum. (yes we have color shampoos like a purple shampoo but for all three colors they are called DUO’s)

So let’s get this straight, its not a one product for all type of deal, but quiet the opposite, you can chose a system or even build your own choosing from all of our products, all of which target a separate issue or several in one system. Check out all the products here>>under the shop tab. On the left hand side the products will be organised by hair needs so its easy to find what you need! Monat also has a Hair Quiz you can take that will guide you to the best products for you after answering a few questions.  You can find the quiz on the same page as any of the pink words here at the top right of the screen tab.


Monat Isn’t Just Good for Your Hair

Monat visibly replenishes and repairs hair with instant as well as long-term age preventing benefits for both hair and skin.

Did I say skin? Yup, I said skin, oh and I said ANTI-AGING. It is never too early to start using anti’aging products. The back bone product of Monat also called the  Rejuveniqe oil  is great for skin and anti-aging. Rejuveniqe will provide you with nutrients, Omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants that help premature aging. Check out my post on 101 ways to use Rejuveniqe Oil, it has some really cool ways of using this oil for dry skin, rashes, and much more, you’d be surprised how many uses you can get out of this one bottle of gold.

My husband had some sort of rash on his arm, looked like eczema, he applied a few drops of Rejuveniqe oil for a few days, and his rash was gone within a week. Someone said it even takes away bags underneath the eyes if you apply it over night. All these awesome rumors, many of which I still need to try for myself.

I am sure you have already seen the percentage list of promises that Monat claims to bring. These claims by the way were clinically proven, which no other natural hair care line took the effort to provide you with; but anyways I will not bore you with the list but tell you the ones that most stood out to me and made me have faith in Monat because I have not seen other brands promise you this. Monat products increases your hair in collagen which directly increases the follicle size of your hair. This is incredible because it means the clogged pores on your scalp are being opened up-giving more space for nutrients to absorb into your hair follicles promoting healthy strong roots and healing your scalp and hair in the long run.

Monat also decreases the DHG hormone that attributes to hair loss, and with the promise above that is why Monat works. Opens your clogged pores, reduces DHT hormone and bam you already have great result along with all the other promises of hair growth, strength, less breakage, manageability and natural shine. There you have it, healthy youthful hair again. Monat is up in the air for you and your family to try.

This may not be the first time you see this list, but I have to post this because these results promised here are backed with clinically proven results! So this shouldn’t bore you or annoy you, but excite you and give you hope like it did for me.


Wish to purchase

If you wish to purchase you can do so with my link above &/or use my sponsor ID 1269 on the Monat Global website. If that doesn’t work type in my last name Inzhirov for your sponsor.

I dare you to try Monat today. Why? because these pricey yet quality hair products will give your hair life! And it will be worth EVERY penny!  All the products may be purchased separately or a systems; of 3 products for 99$. There are ways to save with the VIP membership or become a market partner for the largest discount.m You can see my posts on the VIP membership or the becoming a market partner to learn about all the benefits and special treatments you can get!

Hair can give up on you, but you can’t give up on your hair!

Thanks Y’all! Hope you enjoyed the read!

Feel free to comment, plz!


Published by inzhirov

My name is Svetlana, or Lana for short. I am a 22, a wife, and a young mom to a 6month old. I ran into a Hair and Skin product line, and wanted to do the honors and share about my experience with Monat, as I have become a distributor to true products for me. Follow me for honest reviews, latest news, updates, sales and information on Monat Products xoxo, Lana.

105 thoughts on “Dare to spend 300$ for your Hair?

    1. I do understand that these hair products may seem expensive, to tell you the truth I never spent so much money on my hair products before myself. But if you ever bought products from professional salons before, they are all about in the same price range as Monat products. Not everybody needs expensive products for their hair espeically if it is already perfectly healthy. But for people like me, I got to say, I got what I paid for. I paid a decent price for Monat products and do not regret one bit because my hair used to be very dead, dyed so many times all the nutrients were washed out of my hair. It was rough and dead looking. But monat added these natural oils and life to my hair, from roots to the end it nourished my hair, its shiny now, helped it grow more and quicker and overall it restored my hair back to what it was like before I ever started dyeing my hair and using heat to style it. cheap or sometimes even affordable good priced shampoos and conditioners wash out dry of the nutrients and natural oils of your hair that simply takes the life away because most of these shampoos use harsh salts and sulfates that are bad for your hair. Monat products though only use natural oils to cleanse and treat hair that actually mimic the body’s essential oils. Monat may not be the cheapest products to buy, but that is because of the qualities and miracles it can do for hair. It is good to look at the facts of what every product is made of and what it brings and then decide whether to purchase or not. it may well be worth buying for any person. ;] Also there is ways to get these products cheaper. For instance signing up as VIP to get 15% discount on each product and free shipping, or signing up for the Rewards Program. I hope this explains why Monat is really worth it’s price.


    1. Oh yes you can deffinetly use it when pregnant, that’s exactly what I did. No harm at all because of no harmful chemicals;) Can you give me your address to send samples to?


  1. I am interested in sampling products that help me with my hair loss. Just turned 46 and my hair is mid back. I have it cut every 6-9 weeks to help with split ends. It’s just thinning a s not as strong! Thanks


  2. I have corse dry hair. If I wash and go or blow dry it still looks like a frizzy mess. . I’ve never colored it and eat healthy…I’ve tried so many vitamins.. Do you think this product would help?


  3. I only heard wonderful things about Monat hair care line. I would love to try before I purchase. Thank you


  4. I would love to try samples of the Monat products. I’ve been battling thinning, dry hair for years.. and have tried everything else on the market.


  5. I am a Salon and Spa owner, plus a hairstylists for 8 years. I grew up in this industry kind of a family trade. I would love to sample these products I have and currently use the best professional products. I will be honest I am skeptical but as a hairstylists can not ignore the reviews about the product. My goal is always to give my clients amazing healthy hair. Including my own hair is my advertisement also. I will try it and give it a honest review.


  6. I am a Salon and Spa owner, also a hairstylist for 9 years. I have grown up in the hair and beauty industry and tried it all. I will admit I am skeptical and the price point is very high. But as a stylists I always want the best for my clients. Likewise my own hair is my advertisement. I would love to sample it before hand. I can honestly say I am very knowledgeable when comes to hair science and product ingredients. My review would be a honest and educated response.


  7. wow wow wow bad bad bad bad writing
    Products are good. Your English writing is terrible.
    But I do want the samples of these great products apparently worth every penny


  8. I used to have real thick beautiful hair and I cannot find anything to help it grow back full so I would like to try this and I’d it works then I will be a lifetime customer


  9. Would love to try some samples! My hair is dry, brittle and thinning. Will gladly pay the high price if it helps. But would like to try before I buy.


  10. I am very interested in Monat because of my hair loss. It is embarrassing to me and I feel that Monat may be just what I might be looking for!! Could you please send me some samples if possible. Again, thank you.


  11. My hair won’t grow been the same length for 8 years..I’m 43 and it’s starting to thin please,send samples so I can try this product


  12. My husband would like to try the men’s system to see if it helps with his thinning before we spend $ to buy it. Thanks


  13. I would like the samples. I am a male that just started noticing my hair thinning. I am serious about starting a regimen to reverse or slow down this process


    1. Hi Carrie, I will be more than happy to send you some samples. Can you get me yoru adress on here or to my email, I have contacted you through email as well! Thank you!


  14. I’ve been using the Monat men’s 2 in 1, irt, conditioning mask, and now oil for about 6 weeks. The shedding has not stopped. While I’m getting new hairs, I’m losing them just as fast. It’s depressing. Any thoughts?


  15. I’ve been using the men’s 2 in 1 shampoo, irt spray, and replenish mask for 7 weeks. I’ve just added the oil in as well. I started these products because I’ve lost tons of hair due to hormone change and stress. I’m really not sure how I have hair at all. Anyways, I’m still shedding like crazy. Although I have new hairs coming in, I’m losing my longer hairs just as fast. Thoughts??


    1. Hi Caitlin, I have written a longer response to you in your email. But I will shortly answer here. It is normal to have some shedding when you are getting in new hair growth. Reason why is new hair pushes out the old resting hair. Especially when using powerful hair products like Monat, your follicles and roots are being strengthened and restored so new hair growth comes in quicker, causing shedding or your older hair. Our hair also has it’s own life cycle. This has been studied by hair health specialists. 90% of our hair is always in the growing phase, growing about half an inch each month, the other 10% is falling out after several years of being in the resting phase.

      Also, it takes time and dedication for you to see result. You are very close to the 90 day guarantee, since you have just started using the Oil, but haven’t been for the past 6 to 8 weeks, the oil will soon be very effective in the hair-loss you are experiencing. But please do know stress is a very important factor in hair loss. Stress directly does not cause hair loss, but it is how stress affects your daily life that it causes hair loss, like your diet, your sleep,nutrition and health. Thank you for your comments/questions!


  16. I’d love to try some samples. My hair is fine, thin/has a rather wide part, and is prone to frizziness and breakage; Nioxin products (on for a year) and Bosley products (tried for six months) did little to nothing. I’m about this close to investing in a good hat and/or wig. 😕


  17. Would love to try some of these in my salon here in Japan.
    If you send them ” Postage Due” I would appreciate it. .

    J. Stephen
    3-4-11 Koya D-2
    Sanjo City
    Niigata , Japan


    1. I am sorry, Monat is only in Market in North America and Canada. If I were to mail you samples, you would not be able to order products to ship to Japan. Hopefully Monat will go nation wide soon!


  18. Hello I just had the sleeve surgery done 4 months ago and they did say I will lose some of my haur…but I am really losing my hair now. ..I am looking for help and saw your ad..do you have examples to try? If so can you please send me some…I am trying anything and everything nowadays. ..


  19. I would love a free sample. My hair has been falling/thinning out since I gave birth and also due to stress (I’m a stay at home Mom of 3). How do I get these samples?


    1. Hi Marinelle, I can help you with getting samples! I have emailed you for your address. As soon as I get that address from you I will mail you some samples right away!


  20. I have thinning hair that has me depressed, embarrassed and looking into getting a wig. I pray everyday that my hair stop thinning. I have tried Nioxin and take so many vitamins. I am desperate. Please send me sample.


    1. Hi Angie, I am sorry to hear of your situation, but don’t lose your hope, I am so sure that Monat can help you! I will email you to get your address and mail you samples right away! Thank you and have a wonderful day! I will be waiting for your address. Sending you a message to your yahoo!


  21. Hi there!

    My name is Katherine. I have baby fine thin hair and have searched all over for a product that would help my hair to be longer, thicker and fuller. I constantly tease it to give it body and I am so tired of doing so. I know this causes damage.

    Please help!


    1. Hi, I would love to help you. Teasing your hair is very damaging, trust me I am super guilty of it still but I can’t help it, even though I have thick healthy hair I still like to add volume at the top! If you are looking to grow new hair and just thicken your hair overall, I would recommend the Volume system for you along with the Rejuveniqe Oil. These products are built to stimulate the scalp reducing inflammation while boosting hair growth at the same time by awaking the dead/resting follicles with Capyxil and Red Clover Extract. Please Visit My website/store if you would like to order some products.


      If you are interested into sampling Monat first I can help you with that as well. I will email you incase you want samples for your address! Thank you!


  22. I would love to try a sample please? It would definitely help get me to pull the trigger on this. I’ve never spent so much on shampoo or any kind of hair care products in my life.


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