Dare to spend 300$ for your Hair?



Hey there,

My name is Svetlana and I tend to be a consumer, saving money on every buy.  But did I Dare to spend 300$ worth of Hair Products on myself? No, I did not, but my husband had me in for surprise.

It was close to our first wedding anniversary, and I have been complaining about my hair for the past year if not more. My hair was dead and ugly, and sad.

Let me explain the state of my hair: my hair was dehydrated, colored about 5 times, I had split ends, my hair was rough and brittle, and the worst of it all, I have been having some major hair loss issues after bleaching my hair several times.

I’v tried so many different shampoos and mask treatments, only to see my hair loose its color, but no new hair growth nor progress in health and hair-loss. And so, I was never more thankful to my husband for the 300$ Monat product Pack he bought for me to restore my hair – as my anniversary gift.


It has been a year now since I started using Monat Hair products  and I can not believe the dramatic and impossible difference I see in my hair today. I thank God that I did not chop my lengthy fine hair off that took me years and years to grow out because my hair is finally alive again! I restored my healthy hair once more. I am so happy with Monat. If you are/were in the same place I once was, you know how much it sucks to have dead hair and have almost no hope what so ever to restore beautiful hair ever again. Little did I know, that switching to products that are natural and costly & quality–would change my hair so much. My hair is once again soft, shiny, and there are no lose hairs at the bottom of my bath tub, after cleansing my hair with Revive shampoo and conditioner.

I say, it is about time I can finally stop loosing hair! It took time for me to stop losing any hair at all, but every month with using Monat I would see less and less lose hairs–now maybe one or two, but Monat shampoo, conditioner and the Rejuveniqe Oil, strengthened the roots of my hair, that now is growing several inches every month, so now I am not as terrified to trim my hair every month. That is my story, and that is why today I have become a distributor with Monat; for the products I love and believe will help many others.

Here are some simple facts on what Monat Hair products are and prove to bring

First off Monat Hair products were tested on humans, not on animals because that is how safe Monat is, made up of natural oils and ingredients.

Monat Hair products are made up of 10+ rare oils collected from all around the Earth, that mimic the body’s own natural oils to maintain the youthfulness and health of our hair and skin.

Monat has more than 3 treatment systems, each targets a different issue in hair like volume, vitality, balance, or hair follicle strength. check them out here>>

It visibly replenishes and repairs hair with instant as well as long-term age preventing benefits for both hair and skin.

Did I say skin? Yes, I did say skin. The Monat product Rejuveniqe oil also is great for skin. It provides nutrients, Omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants which help premature aging. Check out my post on 101 ways to use Rejuveniqe Oil, it has some really cool ways of using this oil for dry skin, rashes, and much more.

My husband had some sort of rash on his arm, he applied a few drops of Rejuveniqe oil, and his rash was gone in a couple days. Someone said it even takes away bags underneath the eyes if you apply it over night.

Clinically Proven Results

  • 46% increase in hair growth
  • 48% decrease in DHT (hormone that contributes to hair loss)
  • 35% increase in hair follicle strength
  • 70% increase in collagen directly increasing follicle size
  • 58% decrease in fiber breakage
  • 88% increase in manageability
  • 55% decrease in breakage and brittleness
  • 100% increase in natural shine

<where to purchase>

I dare you to try Monat today. Why? because these pricey yet quality hair products will give your hair life! And it will be worth EVERY penny!  All the products may be purchased separately or as packages/treatments systems; of 3 products for 99$.

Hair isn’t something you can lose or damage and get back easily nor quickly. So I am happy, I got what I paid for with Monat.

Monat has a separate system for Men as well


<<Order today>>

Monat has the 2-in-1 System for men infused with Rejuveniqe oil intensive to help reduce thinning while boosting strength and vitality with the Intense Repair Treatment product as well.

One last thing Monat just came up with two new and first two Styling products. Check them out here>>

p.s. COMMENT FOR FREE SAMPLES, they are not free for me, but I am happy to share these amazing products with you, hoping you love them and will contact me for any questions or ways to save on Monat!

I do not blame you if you want to sample before you buy! It’s a smart thing to do!

102 Replies to “Dare to spend 300$ for your Hair?”

  1. I just bought the monet shampoo and conditioner because my hair has thinned so much in the past 3 years and I’m willing to try anything to make it more full. I am still skeptical if the products actually work and would love a few samples to try before spending anymore money on the brand!


  2. I have had my eye on these products for a while now for both me & my husband. I would love to sample any of the Monat products you think would make the biggest difference with hair loss as we both have concerns with that. Thanks!


  3. I have been on the fence about trying MONAT products for quite a while now. I have dry, brittle hair and I seriously shed like a golden retriever. I am only 38 and my hair is already so very thin on top so I am definitely interested in finding something that will help with regrowth! Please help!


  4. I would love to try a sample of your products. I am a 56 year old female with thinning hair. I would love to add volume using your shampoo, condition and leave in spritz


  5. I would love to try your product and see if will make a difference in my hair. As I approach the age of 60 years young… I have noticed loss of shine and thinning hair. Can’t wait to try your product. If the free samples do the trick .. you will have a loyal customer! Thank you!


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  7. Wondering if this is worth the investment. I have insane breakage and fallout… I live very rural and our water is far from great so that definitely contributes. Has anyone else tried this brand??


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